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in knowing, doing, and making.
in knowing, doing, and making.


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•The Druse hold the Qur'an to be sacred, but look upon it as an outer shell, holding an "inner, esoteric meaning". Their religious texts are known collectively as "Kitab Al Hikma" (The Book Of Wisdom). It is a collection of books, of which the first six are most commonly used.
•They are firmly monotheistic, believing in a single God.
•They recognise the major prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Each major prophets had seven minor prophets; each of the latter had twelve disciples, including Daniel, Plato and other individuals from Biblical and Greek history. Prophets are not worshipped, although their names may be called out for help in times of trouble. The prophets are considered special people who are free of mistakes and of sin.
•In common with the followers of many Eastern religions, they believe the transmigration of the soul: that, at death, one's soul is instantaneously reincarnated (in time and space); it is reborn into another life.
•Through successive reincarnations, the soul eventually unites with the Cosmic Mind "al- aaqal al kulli." The Cosmic Mind is considered as "God's will" from whom the universe came into being.
•They conception of heaven and hell is spiritual in nature. "Heaven is the ultimate happiness that the soul encounters when it unites and meets its creator...Hell is...the bitter feeling of being deprived endlessly of the glorious presence of the Mighty."

•Ordinary members, Jahill (singular) and Juhaall (plural), do not normally have access to religious texts. They attend only the first part of their religious meetings. The remainder of the meetings are reserved for the Sheiks. There is no actual prohibition of the reading of religious books. It is just that if a person becomes educated in the truth of God and of life and yet do not follow the duties arising from these truths, then their judgment would be worse that if they had remained uneducated.
•The Druze do not:- practice recitation of the creed, reciting prayers five times a day, wed to multiple wives, fasting during the month of Ramadan and making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Thus, they are not regarded by Muslims as Islamic.
•Druze leaders are a group of ascetics called uqqal (sages)
•Religious meetings are held on Thursdays.

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My take on today's education system and how innovative approach is necessary.

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