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Foggy Nelson: M V P

Otro libro recibido y en este caso ¡en condiciones perfectas! Felicidades por el acabado y la pantalla, que ha quedado genial.

Can a Godbound with an "internal positive" (improvement of self) Words like Might, Alacrity or Endurance make miracles that affect those same qualities on others? Like positively improving other peoples´strenght or resistance, or negatively impacting the same qualities on others (Endurance removing resistance or causing fatigue, or Might causing enfeeblement, for example).
I know the written explanation of each word only makes reference to self-effects (except for Might) but I was thinking on fiction explanations for miracles or gifts like Divine Wrath/Corona of Fury). One example may be invoking a Corona of Fury of Endurance (or Might) that makes the targets' bones brittle and then break under their own weight.
What is your view on this?

Hello all, yesterday in my Godbounds of the Fall game (Gods of the Fall by Bruce Cordell using Godbound instead of Cypher System) I ran into a question about Cold Breath.

How Cold breath interact with Commit Effort for the day/Scene and Miracles' committed effort? If you need to commit an extra 2 Effort when in a stifling field, does that effort stay committed for the day or scene or until the Stifling Reconciliator moves away?

Maybe this was answered before somewhere, if so, please point me in that direction. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :)

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Buenas a todXs. Propongo un desafío que roza lo flamer y habrá que hacer con mucho estilo para que sea Fantasy porque Epic va a ser seguro: una partida inspirada por la imagen compartida por +Vanessa Wed Carballo --> Un terrible mal se acerca y sólo un grupo compuesto por las mayores heroínas de acción y fantasía puede enfrentarse a ello. Xena!, Ripley! Katniss! Chihiro! Mulan! Trinity! Unidas a través de las dimensiones para salvar el mundo! Una partida llena de subversión a los estereotipos, estrés para los machirringos y armas, muchas armas.

Hey there, thank you for the invite. I´ll sure find a lot of interesting ideas running here. 

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