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Always be True to Yourself
Always be True to Yourself

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapters 6-10 Summary
source   Chapter 6 On Dill's last evening in Maycomb, the group begins the evening at Miss Rachel's pond. Dill and Jem decide to make one last attempt to see Boo. Scout reluctantly agrees to go with them. The trio sneaks to the house in the dark. As they mo...

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Collins Caribbean Student's Dictionary Review and Giveaway
Recently, I came across a copy of the   Collins Caribbean Student's
Dictionary   and at first I
thought that it was just like any other dictionary that I have owned. Boy was I
wrong with my initial assessment.  This is not only a dictionary but also an Engl...

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How to Use Whatsapp as an Educational Tool
WhatsApp can be an invaluable teaching tool in the teaching learning process.  You can create WhatsApp groups for each of the classes that you teach. By doing so, students can have a reservoir of additional content in a variety of ways that appeal to them (...

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Questions based on God's Grandeur
1. Using your own words, express in about two to three lines the theme of the poem. 2. State the central contrast which this poem presents between God and man. Explain it fully with reference to specific details. 3. Select one metaphor used in the poem and ...

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To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-5 Summary
Chapter 1 The narrator of the book is Scout Finch,
the youngest child of Atticus Finch. Scout begins by telling us of her
brother's injured arm and of her family history. The earliest ancestor is Simon
Finch, a fur trader who established Finch's Landing out...

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Mom Luby and the Social Worker Worksheet
Read the following summary of the short story entitled: ‘Mom Luby and the Social Worker’ and answer the questions attached. This short story is about an elderly woman, fondly called Mom Luby, who fosters two small children. The story opens with her visit to...
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