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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Finally got to use my copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies to play against another human being! It was great; nice to see the game holds up. Now to play with more than one opponent. 

Also got to play Takenoko, and finished out the night with a couple of games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (with the Daybreak expansion). 

This was at the Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society in Park Slope, where there’s a boardgame night every other Friday. 
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Avram Grumer

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
Here’s my current line of thought about choice of approach in FAE; I’m sharing it here to see if people agree, disagree, or whatever: 

Imagine you’re playing the Avengers. Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow have been captured and stuck in a cell by someone who doesn’t really know who Banner is. Banner turns into the Hulk to  bust out of the jail. Roll Forceful, right? 

Wrong. A Forceful roll answers the question Can the Hulk bust out of an ordinary jail?, and that’s not a question we need to roll dice to answer. He’s the Hulk! He can bust out as easily as we can walk through a sheet of tissue paper. 

The question you need an answer to is When the Hulk busts out, will he do so much damage to the structure of the jail that his friends, or bystanders, get hurt? And that’s not a matter of Forceful; that’s a matter of Careful. (It could, instead, be a matter for a compel, but that’s not the issue I was thinking about.) 
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+Jack Gulick That is the best way of handling which aspect to use in FAE I have seen yet. Consider it plagerized.
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Avram Grumer

Discussion  - 
One of the PCs being a nuclear power seemed like a bigger deal before we got a couple of antimatter bombs. #Diaspora #Fate #RPG
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The computational devices are 1 liter spheres massing exactly 1kg. When activated by the right amount of neutron radiation, they produce a 20 megaton explosion with no fallout (the equivalent of a T3 pure fusion weapon, only slightly smaller) and, if you believe the archaeologists, contain the secrets of the universe embedded in the radiation pattern.

Unless you have T3 Neutron and Gamma ray observatories in the system, the output is indistinguishable from any nuclear device.
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Thursday boardgaming at the +Twenty Sided Store ! This week I played: 

Dungeon Roll (, solo, just one round, enough to figure out that I didn’t really like it all that much. It might be more fun with more players. 
Cartoon Network Fluxx. Fluxx ( is an old familiar standby in my gaming circles, but I hadn’t played this version before. 
Smash Up ( I thought I hadn’t played this before, but as we started, I remembered one time. 
Menu Mash-Up ( is a lightweight little party game, sort of a more complicated Apples to Apples, but fun! I bought a copy. 
* I didn’t play Colt Express (, but I snapped a photo of the adorable game pieces. 
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Played five things at the Twenty-Sided Store’s Boardgames Social tonight: Pandemic (the original), which I’d only played once before (we lost); my copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms (finally!); Builders: The Middle Ages (which I’d like to play with more than two players some time); Sushi Go (this was my first time playing the first edition, those score-keeping cards are great!); and finally Skull, which I’d only just ever heard of a day or two earlier, and is gorgeous. 
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We should probably make 20Sided Store.  We were actually 15 minutes away from the store last night (on the interchange between the L and Q24), but we hadn't made plans to make it, plus it was pouring.
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
My copy of Pandemic: The Cure arrived today, so I tried playing it solo, using the Specialist and Medic characters. As you can (blurrily) see below, it didn’t go too well. Fun, though. 
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Played two games of King of Tokyo at the NerdNYC boardgame night. I’ve been wanting to play this for a long while, and it was great! We played one game with the basic rules plus the Halloween expansion, and then for the second game we added in the Power Up! expansion.
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Definitely more fun with the Power Up expansion.
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
My copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies (Deluxe version) arrived this afternoon! (I was a Kickstarter backer; I don’t know when this’ll be in stores.)

So far I’ve played three solo games: The first on beginner level, the second on easy but rolling one fewer die than I ought have for the AI “Rogue” opponent, because I wasn’t paying attention, and the third played on easy the right way. I won all three, but I was worried for a while in the third game. 

Can’t wait to play this against real people. It’s portable, plays quick, and has some neat decisions to make. 
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+Curtis Delaney haha! I'm not a big fan of getting boxes called ship naked at work, not the best choice of names.
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Had my first visit to the Prospect Park Board Gaming & Dominos Club, at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. We played Trickster: Fantasy, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Batman Fluxx, and Telephone Pictionary. I forgot to take photos of most of them. 

One problem with Betrayal is the status marking sliders that go on the edges of the character pentagons are too loose, and slip around. My fix, pictured below, was to put slips of paper around the edges of the pentagon, underneath the sliders. 
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+David Miller I like that idea!
I might make a trip to my local hardware store, because bloody hell do they slip everywhere as they are now.
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Boardgaming at the +Twenty Sided Store . Today’s games: 

San, Ni, Ichi, a game being Kickstarted ( Simple and quick, with some thinky mechanics. #onboardgames  
Deep Sea Adventure, an adorable little game I picked up on the Boardgamegeek market. ( Simple, yet surprisingly tough. We played two games of this, since nobody managed to score in the first. (Tip: Don’t get greedy, especially in the first round.) 
Moby Dick, a game I’d wanted to play for a while. Unfortunately, the rules are long on flavor, short on clarity. We gave up after our second whale hunt. (
Epic Spell Wars: Mt Skullzfure ( I’d played this once before. We only had time for one game, but it was fun. This was the original set, not with the Castle Tentakill material that Rob Heinsoo complained about ( 
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Some kind of pre-production version, since the Kickstarter wasn’t finished yet. I haven’t been following their progress, so I don’t know the current state of the game. 
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
Played a couple more solo games of Pandemic: The Cure, one with two characters and one with three. Won the second one. The game feels easier with more players/characters; possibly the number of starting infection dice should be tweaked to compensate. 
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Avram Grumer

Pictures of Games  - 
I recently got a copy of The Builders: Middle Ages, a neat little worker-placement game. Today was my first time playing it, and we just had two players. I lucked out and got the opportunity to build a machine on the first round, then parlayed my early advantage into a decisive victory. I like this game, but I’d like to try it with more players. I also wonder about the title. Is there a series of “The Builders” games?

(Oh, wait, yes, there is a series:
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Great game, and I use the cards / money for the Town phase of Torchbearer RPG!
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