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Patrick Ciriello
Innovative, Creative, Hard-working, Flexible, Personable, Action Oriented, Fair, Detail Oriented
Innovative, Creative, Hard-working, Flexible, Personable, Action Oriented, Fair, Detail Oriented

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In Green Company 
Aurora over the city of Svolvaer - #Norway   
by Max Rive

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I have used AVAST for several years, and it has been a key element for protecting my computers, as well as those of my clients.

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Greetings and Felicitations!

FIrst, I would like to thank +Anthony Forrester  for inviting me to join his new group here on G+.

I could write a book for my introduction, so perhaps I'll keep it very simply - I am a business & technical consultant, entrepreneur, and "all-purpose" coach.

Everything there is to know about me is centrally located here:

I am still working on how best to incorporate G+ into my business strategy.  I've got the networking part down :)

I am here as  a resource to whoever asks - so if I can assist with anything, please ask away!


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You can't look at this and say that other species are not intelligent.  
Strength in Unity

Photo from National Geographic

#nature   #photo   #picoftheday  
Get 9 G+ tips @

Greetings Everybody!  Thanks for the invitation +Sam Stormborn Ormandy !

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Fantastic Information!
There have been a lot of changes  in  YouTube and Google+ integration recently   If you are your brand, what profiles are most beneficial to you and how do they all fit and work together ?  Click "Read more" for Resource List ....

Here are some resources to help you think through the process and determine what makes the most sense for your particular situation.

I think a major consideration is how you integrate your Google+ profiles with YouTube. So That's where I'm going to start.....

The YouTubeHelpDesk Google+ and YouTube Integration...

Additional Resources:

Get started with Google+ pages...

Google+ Tip for Newbies =Business Brand Pages vs Personal Profiles 
+J.C. Kendall

Google Plus for Personal Brands: Page or Profile? 
+Mark Traphagen

Google Plus Page or Profile: Which Is Best for Businesses? 
+Mark Traphagen  +Ronnie Bincer    #HOA

Using a Google Brand Page vs. your Google Profile...

Should you choose a ‘Profile’ or a ‘Page’ on Google Plus?
+martin shervington

June 8, 2013
What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog)
+martin shervington

I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic and any experiences you've had previously, today, and going forward. Thank you


Greetings Everyone!

I could use a bit of assistance if you happen to also have a Facebook account.

My wife and I have applied for a grant.  It is sort of a contest, as the first "round" for qualification requires getting a whole lot of votes via Facebook.

The link to our "contest" page is here:

>>>> <<<<

This grant would be used for my software business, which currently serves (almost exclusively) Real Estate and Probate attorney's in Vermont.  With this grant, we would be able to hire 3-6 additional programmers and support people, and expand not only to other areas of the law in Vermont, but to other States as well.

So, if you could vote for us, that would be awesome!  :)

If you could share this with others, that would be awesome too!  :)

>>>> <<<<

Thanks everyone!

Patrick (and Marie)
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