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In my world, I rock!
In my world, I rock!

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This looks like a lot of fun. I might just have to go watch.
Coming to #SXSW the Android vs iOS Fanboy Challenge

On March 16th, I'll be live at Yahoo's Smartphone Fanboy Challenge at SXSW in Austin, Texas. I have been selected to represent the glorious +Matias Duarte in battle against the wretched followers of Jon Ive. I shall do my best to defeat my opponent, an iOS fanboy, by spreading the teachings of our savior. My tools for battle include my Nexus 6, Nexus 7, and my Moto 360.

Have any subtle jabs I should mention? Let me know!

This should be a lot of fun ;)

#Android   #iOS   #PraiseDurate

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Celebrating 45 years. 
In celebration of our 45th Anniversary, AMD President and CEO, Rory Read, rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange today! #NYSEBell

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Love the outdoor hockey series. Everyone should watch.
Puck drops soon... make sure to root for your team in the #StadiumSeries Social Showdown by Discover by using #NYR or #NJDevils on Twitter or Instagram:

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I'm going to do this with the kids this weekend.
MAKER CAMP PROJECT: Wind-Triggered Lantern

Happy Wednesday, #makercamp ! We’ve got a couple cool projects today, and an amazing Hangout later. 

The first project is a breeze, and it’s a great little electronics lesson. Plus, it’ll look cool on your porch! We call it a Wind-Triggered Lantern, and it has an LED that lights up on windy days.
The lantern isn’t much more than an LED, a small battery, a feather, and a spring. When the feather moves in the wind, it pulls on the spring, which touches the foot of the LED and closes the circuit — which equals light! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Soldering iron, and solder, or tape (1)
- Battery holder, (optional) (1) but recommended
- Wire, strong (1)
- Knife, carpet (1)
- Thread (1)
- Feather (1)
- Something springy made of metal (1)
- Battery, 3V button (1)
- LED (1)
- Jar, glass, with lid (1) for weather protection

Alright, follow the photo instructions below and let’s get to work! 

And for you expert makers, try this project: A headband that lights up to the rhythm of your heartbeat!

Don’t forget to tune in today at 11AM Pacific for a Hangout with one of the coolest makers on the planet: +Mary Lou Jepsen from Google X Lab. Mary Lou will be showing us how to make DIY holograms with silver halide and a darkroom, and talking about some of the cool projects she works on. 

Until then, good luck with those lanterns! 
Wind-Triggered Lantern
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I will have to DVR this, but I will watch it. I must watch it. +aimee black make sure we get this setup to record.
We'd tell you to mark your calendars or set your DVR's, but this is too amazing to do anything but watch live: TONIGHT 9/8c. Tornadoes. Sharks. Tara Reid. Ian Ziering (Pre-Chippendales, FYI). It's SHARKNADO and its as unbelievable as it sounds. Watch.

Blues on the green. Fun!!! But so hot!

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Starbuck and Starbuck drinking Starbucks at Starbucks.

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Glad it's Friday. Ready for some beer.
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