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Microsoft doing some really interesting things today at MS BUILD. If they can allow proper dispersal of information amongst 3rd parties this could be seriously one of the big changers of Tech.

Dangerous though :)

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Great. Can't tell the number of times I had to call someone to get me cause I was lost on campus

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If anyone wants to know why so little advertising is effective. Mentally apply a random brand to this video before watching. It will probably work out if it's not like Smoker's Video or something niche 

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Made me smile

So Sony is putting out a Phone with a 4K camera?

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So Much love for this.
ubuntu 13.10 , with conky -- sherlock fever
#sherlocklives   #ubuntu  

Software is going to be so much fun to deal with legally once we have body replacements. 

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The interest in how money is handled seems to be floating around various circles. Honest re-thinking of how finances work or just hedge reactions to the current bad economy? 

Post has attachment is interesting in that it highlights that Nokia's expertise is from low end phones and emerging markets. They have fully swapped that for high end affluent markets which are far more competitive and out of thier clout area of effect.
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