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There is a hell of a story out here in Lewisham concerning the Daniel Morgans and Stephen Lawrence murders even the man who weilded the axe has a big roll to play in what is really happening in Lewisham,this also concerns Delroy Grant the night stalker I knew all along Mr Grant was fitted up by the gang in charge of lewisham Homes not thee Lewisham Homes so I will call the doddgy one Lewisham Homes 2 which is run by guess who ! The night stalker who happens to have some of Lewisham Homes 1 workers on his payroll who seems to be spellbound and would do as asked that is anything I mean anything even murder I doubt very much Lewisham Homes one know threr is anotyer Lewisham Homes running pararlell with themselves it is very surprising to actually see for yourself theeople and the jobs they do in the community who are connectedto this man he is also able to distribute homes to his followers not following proceedier the people who did wall cavity drilled holes straight through into my daughters bedroom no consideration was paid when they had finished to fill those holes I had to fill them myself when it came to painting that was half done I am in the process of painting myself then between Christmas and new year I was flooded four times which was reported nothing was done because unknown to me I reported this to Lewisham 2 quite a number of things didnt add up which started my suspition this was cuty short when Lewisham Homes 2 sent me apersonal message and a picture of fourof their workers taking the piss of me after my home was burgled yet again by themselves so they had made a joke of it on the net not realiseing they had made a terrible mistake it was identified by the police that the Logo was not Lewisham Homes 1 Logo the people in the piss taking picture is now being sort by the police I am by far not the only person in this situation these people are sending bills
some are paying rent for which is soposed to be an empty home they would even connect the electrics themselves all controlled by the Night Stalker who also happens to be the Axe Man Of Sydenham with his connections in the right places I can see now why his name might never be called in the enquieryin the Daniel Morgan murder if his name was called I believe he will be killed .

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The crack police chief who caught the Night Stalker in just 17 DAYS... after 12 years of blunders What a load of unrecycled rubbish written about the night stalker and how he was caught,when I look into Mr Sutton eyes which he seems to have difficulty in opening I see lies Used fabrication and almost have the same grin as his friend in the Daniel Morgans case and almost the same rubbish about another woman and some made up information she is composed to have given the police All those long paragraphs of derogertive rubbish bout Delroy Grant all I can comment about this case is Mr Sutton must have used by far too much crack to invent such a story I find it very hard for him to pull the wool over my eyes he is a lierThe long and short of it is, the proper night stalker was working along side his employers who would break into homes and report to the police who had drugs growing in their homes do a few burglaries himself and would stich some one up with it he has always worked alongside the police through the years and being paid when the hunt for the Stalker reached its peak he had to find. a Victim that victim is Delroy Grant who is now locked up in prison for 27 yrs and doubt very much he knows exactly why he is in prison due to a lack of attending school the perfect victim he also had a companion whom I happen to come across on the stairs at about 8am on a Saturday morning both dressed in their rapest outfit I called the police which they did turn up but left empty handed I was expecting a large outfit to urn up after all this is the man they made all this noise about but they left them both at 53 lawrie park avenue I couldn't forget both their appearance their height their build and those piggy eyes I was able to identify his helper who now lives in Brockley can't give the address only by email he bought a very large house there using his victims money this not allowed they all need all their money back and a little satisfaction in the true knowledge of the proper pair had been caught and will never be seen again
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