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Sanding And Polishing Timber Floors
Timber floors are beautiful, but no matter how well you clean them, eventually they will need sanding and polishing to restore their original shine and beauty. Here is a guide on how to sand and polish timber floors:
You will need a drum sander, an edge sander, and sandpaper discs which can be found at most tool hire stores. As a floor sander is very loud to operate, you will also need ear protection.
In order to get the best results you will have to repeat the sanding four times, starting out with 40-grit sanding discs and gradually increasing the grit to 60, 80, and finally 120-grit discs. When using a drum sander there are a few basic rules that should be followed for satisfactory results:
• Always lower the sander and disc slowly onto the floor.• As soon as the disc hits the floor, move the sander forward slowly to prevent it from digging into the timber.• Always sand along the grain of the timber.• While sanding, move forward only. Never turn the sander or back up while the sanding disc is in contact with the floor.• Sprinkle kerosene onto the floor in front of you periodically as you go to prevent the natural oils from the timber from clogging the sandpaper discs.• Check the floor for any exposed nail holes and fill them with timber putty that matches the colour of the timber. Allow at least 30 minutes before continuing with a 60-grit disc, gradually increasing to a 120-grit disc.• Sand the edge of the floor with an edge sander and a 60-grit disc.
Polyurethane is the most widely used finish for timber floors. Once it has dried, it is perfectly safe, however, while being applied it gives off highly toxic fumes. Makes sure that the area is well ventilated and wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a respiratory device recommended for use with toxic chemicals.
Oil-based resins are a popular option and less hazardous; however, they are not as hard-wearing as polyurethane finishes.
Floor finishes are available in matt, semi-gloss, and high gloss finishes.
1. Use a soft cloth and methylated spirits to remove any oil residue lifted to the surface during sanding.2. Use a brush to apply a coat of polish around the edges of the floor.3. Using a roller, apply an even coat of polish, working along the grain of the timber.4. Allow it to dry for at least 8 hours.5. Lightly sand again with a 120-grit disc.6. Remove the dust residue and apply a second coat, allowing it to dry overnight.7. A third coat can be applied if necessary.8. Allow at least three days for the floor to dry completely before walking on it.
The entire process will take at least three days. Doing the job yourself may save you money but remember to factor all the costs of purchasing the supplies and hiring the equipment and safety gear into your estimate. For guaranteed results hire a professional timber floor polishing company. You may be surprised to discover how affordable their services are and you will save the time and hassle of doing everything yourself.
Chairman Of The Boards
Chairman Of The Boards
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Tips For Sanding and Polishing Your Timber Floor
Apart from keeping the timber flooring clean, sanding and polishing are vital if you wish to keep it glaring. However, these two procedures can be tricky, particularly for those who haven’t attempted them before. So, if you are contemplating sanding or polishing your timber floor, here are some tips that will help you succeed in the tasks.
For this task, you will need a floor sander, ideally known as a drum sander, as well as an edge sander. You will also require sandpaper discs. These tools can be easily found in most hire shops. However, using a floor sander may call for ear protection as it gets pretty loud.
For a smooth finish, you will need to sand the floor four times. Utilize 40 grit sanding discs for the first attempt and then move up to 60, 80 as well as 120 sanding discs. Do not forget to check for nail holes when about to change the sandpaper from the 40 to 60 grit. If you notice holes, ensure to fill them will timber putty and allow it to set for half an hour before you continue. Ideally, make sure the putty matches the colour of the floor.
When you start using the sanding disc, ensure you begin moving the floor sander forward. Do this gradually and avoid turning the sander while the sandpaper disc is still touching the floor. Just move forward.
The drum sander will be incapable of reaching the edges of the floor and this is where the edge sander comes into the picture. For the edges, you should use the 60 grit sandpaper disc, followed by 80 grit to ascertain a smooth finish.
More often than not, oil-based resins and polyurethane floor finishes are used for timber polishing. When using the latter, ensure you wear protective eyewear and gloves. Ideally, use a respiratory device as the fumes tend to be quite toxic. Oil-based resins do not pose such health risks, but they are less hard wearing.
Floor finishes ideally come in glossy, semi-glossy and matte textures. If you are working on a high-traffic timber floor, avoid going for the glossy type as it tends to show scratches easily.
Before you polish the floor, ensure you wipe the surface with methylated spirits and cloth. Use a roller to ascertain an even coat and for the edges, use a brush.
Allow the initial coat to dry for 8 hours and then lightly sand it with 120 grit sandpaper before applying the second. The second usually dries overnight and you may apply the third one if necessary.
Chairman Of The Boards
Chairman Of The Boards
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Proper Sanding and Polishing Adelaide can Give Your Timber Floor A Rejuvenated Look
Timber floors will require some major maintenance after some time and this can be achieved by sanding and polishing them. An old timber floor gets a new look once it is properly sanded down, and polishing renews the luster that it originally had.
The process must start with preparing the floor for sanding, whether you do it manually with sandpaper or use machines. Timber flooring is likely to have nails used for their original installation, and some of these nails can come up above the surface after the floor has been in use for some time. You have to make sure that every nail is pushed down below the surface with a nail punch and hammer so that it will not protrude and rip the sandpaper. You can also make repairs to any holes, dents or nicks with timber putty and sawdust.
The first grade of sandpaper used manually or in the machine must be of a rougher texture, depending on the condition of the floor. The drumhead of the machine must rest on the floor before it is switched on, and the sanding action must be in the direction of the grain on the timer boards making up the flooring. Move forward in one row, complete it, and then start again on the second row, with a slight overlap. When you get near the skirting, you may require an edge sander, with a finer grit of sandpaper. If you are using a sander, make sure that you wear proper goggles, dust masks, and ear muffs if necessary. See that the room you are working on is well ventilated. Vacuum the floor to remove all dust before you start the next step.
Change the sandpaper to a medium grade and repeat the entire process. Clean up and finish the sanding with fine paper till you get a fine and polished feeling when you run your hand over the floor. The floor then needs to be cleaned very thoroughly of any dust and wiped over with a cloth that is just moist, and then allowed to dry thoroughly. Floors can then be polished or coated with any other floor finish. Water-based polyurethane is the easiest way to apply a finish polish coat on a timber floor. It dries up quickly and will allow you to apply all the required three coats of finishing in just one day.
Your floor should be ready for use within a day after the polish has completely dried up.
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Palm Tree Removal And Palm Shaving - What You Need To Know
There is no question that palm trees can provide a pleasant atmosphere. But they can also turn into a burden if not properly pruned and cared for. More specifically, they lose their aesthetic charm when dead leaves and overgrown bark become the focal point. And this is why professional palm tree removal and palm shaving services can be very helpful.
But to get some perspective on why this type of service should be of any value to you, think about the following:
Palm Tree Removal And Shaving Professionals Have Experience
Having experience with palm tree removals and shaving not only makes it easier but a lot quicker. In other words, if you call professional that do this type of work on a daily basis, you can expect them to be quick and effective.
They know what to look for and how to approach it, meaning you don't have to.
Professionals Bring The Appropriate Tools
In order to properly remove or shave palm trees, the appropriate tools will be required. For example, support is required to safely scale the palm tree if shaving is the service you require. Plus, what tools do you use for shaving in the first place?
These are problems the professionals are going to worry about. And if they really are professional, they won't show up without the proper equipment.
They Assume All Risk
Always keep in mind that palm trees can grow to be quite tall. And due to the size and length of the tree, there will obviously be some degree of risk involved. The question is whether you want to take on the risk yourself?
An established palm tree removal and shaving service will have the necessary insurance in place, and it's to protect everyone involved, especially the client. In addition to being covered against accidents, professionals take all the risk so you don't have to.
Professionals Clean Up Afterwards
Lastly, professionals will never leave a job without cleaning up first. From shavings to dead bark or the palm tree as a whole, they will make sure everything is removed from your property.
Now, you can argue that you should save the money and do the removal or shaving on your own. But think about the time and possible equipment it will cost, not to mention the risk of suffering a serious, and possibly permanent injury. Why go down this road when you can simply contact professional palm tree removal and shaving services in your area?
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Hiring Professionals For Palm Tree Removal And Shaving
Palm trees are beautiful and make any landscape look lovely. They are a great addition to the compound and are ideal for tropical climates. Palm trees can grow to be pretty tall and their fronds spread out far if they are not trimmed. these can tend to look ugly if left unshaven.
Palm Tree ShavingIt is best to hire a professional palm tree shaving service to do the job. As much as it may look easy, trying to do the job yourself could lead to injuries and damage to property. You will know that it is time to shave your palm tree if you see the older fronds looking brown. This means that they are dead and should be removed from the tree.
It is best to call a palm tree shaving team when necessary because old fronds often attract birds to them. These could become a nuisance. Hiring a professional to do the job is best because they will have the tree looking neat and tidy. A professional palm shaving service will be able to take care of the stem when shaving so that it does not become damaged from accidental cutting.
Palm Tree RemovalWhen it comes to palm tree removal. there are several factors that may influence the decision to remove the palm tree entirely. If the tree is diseased then you need to remove it. You can tell if your palm tree is sick by looking at the leaves. Discolouration is often a sign that the tree has been affected by a fungus. It will then slowly begin to die. A palm tree could also be getting in the way of power lines and affect the electrical equipment. Apart from these two reasons, you may want to remove the palm tree because you want to change your landscape.
When you decide to remove the tree, let the professionals handle the job. Palm trees can grow considerably deep roots. This is a problem if you are handling the tree on your own. The professional palm tree removal service will have the equipment that is necessary to remove the tree without damaging the yard or altering the landscape too much.
Due to the tall nature of the tree, it is not recommended to try doing the job without safety gear. A professional team knows the risks involved and will use all the required safety measures to remove the tree properly.
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A Guide To Palm Tree Removal And Palm Shaving
Ranging from Sabal palms to Mexican Fan palms, each palm tree has a different appearance. As with all trees, the palm tree requires regular maintenance in order to remain aesthetically pleasing and healthy. The removal of dead palm leaves, also known as fronds, is a vital factor in maintaining a palm tree. Skinning or shaving the tree can also help a person remove unwanted dead leaves closer to the trunk; thereby, resulting in a smooth trunk surface which will enhance the tree's appearance. This article will provide information on palm tree removal and palm shaving.
Step #1: Identify The Type Of Tree
The first step to palm tree removal and shaving is to identify the type of tree. This can be done by contacting a nursery. Identification of the palm tree type is significant as some trees are self-cleaning, meaning that the dead fronds will fall off independently and skinning can damage the tree.
Step #2: Assessing The Trunk
Once you have identified the palm tree as one that does not self-clean, you should assess the tree to plan the shaving task. First, examine the dead fronds to determine how close to the trunk you are required to cut. Always avoid cutting the trunk as this can influence the tree's growth, health and physical appearance
Step #3: Shaving The Palm Tree
Once you have determined how you wish to shave the tree, you should pull the dead frond down using one hand and cut the base using the other using pruning shears or a saw. It is essential that you cut as close to the trunk as possible creating a 'skinned' or 'shaved' appearance.
Continue cutting each of the dead leaves off one at a time working your way around the tree. If you are able to, it is recommended that you begin removing leaves from the tree from the trunk top to the bottom. Not only is this more effective, but it can reduce the length of time spent on shaving. However, you should always choose the best method for you and your skill set.
While shaving the palm, it is advised that you place the dead fronds in a single pile or directly in a bin. This will make it easier for a final cleaning after the tree is shaved.
What About Palm Tree Removal?
While palm tree shaving can be beneficial to improve the tree's health, there are cases where palm trees need to be removed due to pest infestation. In these cases, it is recommended that you use the saw to cut the tree at its base.
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Why Hiring Professional Tree Stump Removal And Grinding Services Is Important
Trees are very beneficial to the environment and to humans, which is why it is important to have them in the compound. However, sometimes trees get diseased and therefore must be cut down. At other times, they may be too close to the house such that they are a risk because rats, snakes, and other dangerous animals may get into the house by crawling up the tree. An overgrown tree could also interfere with power lines or the roots could damage pipes.
In this case, you will need tree removal services. They will have people who will cut down the tree properly and remove it from the compound. Most property owners believe that they can do the job themselves. While this may be the case, it is best to leave the tree removal and stump grinding to the professionals. Here are the reasons why you should always hire professional tree removal and tree stump grinding services.
They Have Proper EquipmentThis is important because they will be able to get rid of the tree without damaging the house or the roof. Felling a tree especially a big one is dangerous enough even with the proper equipment. Doing the job without enlisting the help of professionals will only be riskier. You could end up damaging the house, the roof or even the surrounding property. Professional tree removal and stump grinding ensure the job is done well and that no dangerous tree stumps are left on the yard.
Removal Of Dangerous StumpsLeaving tree stumps after the tree removal is another risk. You may not be able to remove a thick stump without professional tree removal services. When the stump is left, it could cause injuries to children and even adults who are in the yard. A professional tree stump grinding service will be able to get rid of a stump and make sure no one is hurt.
Covering Holes And Clearing The Yard After RemovalA professional tree removal service has the skills and the means to remove all the tree parts from the yard after the tree removal process. They will also cover up the holes so that there is no chance of a person or a pet falling inside. Trees that have deep roots often leave deep holes. Tree removal services have proper cutting equipment that they use to chop the tree into pieces that are easier to remove from the yard.
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Hiring Professional Tree Removal And Tree Stump Grinding Services
We all know how important trees are when it comes to producing oxygen. Not only do they do that, but they provide shade and a habitat for many animals. Trees can become too large at times, however, and pose a risk to various structures. When a tree is too large it can fall on a roof and cause damage. It can also have roots that are widespread and they could end up damaging pipes. A sick or dead tree also needs to be removed.
When this is the case, you will have to remove the tree entirely so as to protect the property. Proper tree removal is a process that requires careful execution, lest the branches fall on the house or people nearby and cause injuries. This is why it is advisable to call a professional tree removal and tree stump grinding service to do the job.
Tree removal requires the use of machines that the professionals will have. Once they have removed the tree, they will then chop off the stump using a tree stump grinder. The tree is cut off as close to the ground as possible so that a small part of the stump is left behind. Sometimes, the stump cannot be removed until the tree dries up. At times, the roots can be cut off to allow the tree stump to be removed before the roots dry.
This process can be handled by a professional tree removal and tree stump grinding team because they are skilled and trained to use the equipment. Hiring professionals guarantees that there is a reduced risk of damage to the property around the tree. The team will ensure that they know where the power lines and the piping is. This way, the tree will not damage them while being felled.
In addition to being equipped and being trained, professional tree removal services know how to remove the tree so that the yard does not get too damaged. Removal of big trees can cause damage especially if they have an intense underground root network. Experienced tree removal specialists should be able to tackle the issue and make sure the yard is left in good condition.
Once they have finished the process of tree removal they will cut the tree into pieces for easy transportation. Most tree removal services offer after-removal clean-up services where they also cover up any holes left during the removal.
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Professional Tree Stump Removal And Stump Grinding Services
When dealing with tree removal, there is also an aspect of dealing with the unsightly tree stump that results from tree felling. While in some cases you may opt to leave the stump as it, more often than not, stump removal is critical.
For starters, the stump will occupy space, whilst not providing any added benefit to your property, be it on the aesthetic front or on the functionality front. Stumps also create a huge hazard for people around the property. A stump sticking out of the ground is a tripping hazard at the very least, which increases the potential for injuries to occur. Stumps are also renowned to provide a habitat for the growth and proliferation of pests as such as ants, termites, beetles, and many other critters. Furthermore, stump removal prevents unwanted tree re-growth.
These and many other reasons make stump removal a priority after cutting doe a tree. However, it is not just a matter of removing tree stumps haphazardly. Although tree stump removal and stump grinding seem as typical endeavours that anyone can remove with a DIY guide and some rented tools, it is not. For the best results and the highest safety standard adherence, stump removal should be conducted by professional standards.
For starters, professions have an intricate understanding and experience in dealing with stump removal and grinding. They will create good, efficient, and safe plans on how to go about the project. This translates to faster stump removal and effective stump removal.
Furthermore, professional can handle tree stumps of any sizes. Whether your tree had an averagely sized girth, a small one or an extraordinary girth size, a professional arborist can handle any stump removal or grinding of any size. And while you might struggle to deal with the emerging difficulties, a professional has what it takes to get the job.
Another consideration to have in mind is the location of the stump. A tree stump that is located in tight spaces can difficult to deal with. This affects how the removal and grinding processes are done. It also affects the machines that can be used for the project. Professional arborists tend to have the full spectrum of tools to deal with any situation. As such, they will have the required tools to deal with tree stumps in confined spaces.
Importantly, professional arborists are licensed and insured. As such, should anything go wrong in the removal process, you and your property are covered.
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Find The Best Polished Concrete Flooring Experts In Adelaide
If you have been thinking about hiring a contractor to do polished concrete flooring, you will want to find an expert in the trade. This job is best left to only the best contractors, and finding one in the Adelaide area may seem hard. Luckily, you have found this article which includes tips to help you search for and find the best concrete flooring experts in Adelaide.
Ask around. Word of mouth advertising is the best way to find out about lots of different things. Ask your family, friends and co-workers if they know of anyone in the area that specializes in polished concrete. This is a great way to learn more about the contractors that do this flooring and what others think about them.
Search online for polished concrete flooring experts in Adelaide. This will give you a list of contractors around you that do this type of flooring. Look over the names and see if there are any that you recognize. Take a look at their reviews available on Google and see what past clients have to say about them. Take note of their phone number and contact them to see if they can give you an estimate for the work that needs done.
Make a post on Facebook asking for recommendations there. See what you can learn what people there have to say. Share your post in Facebook groups and see what people in the groups can tell you.
Now that you have read this advice, you will be able to find the best polished concrete flooring experts in the area. Start your search now and see who is recommended in Adelaide. You will be able to hire them and get the concrete flooring done just the way you expect and you will be pleased with the outcome.
Wills All Style Flooring
Wills All Style Flooring
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