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I originally decided to go to PlayGrounds Fun Zone and Cafe because I found a coupon online for $6 admission, however, the experience my child and I had there will keep me coming back! I'm even thinking of getting their "annual" or "monthly" pass for my daughter for her birthday or Christmas because she loved it so much! The place was very clean. I didn't go into the restroom this trip, but I saw employees going in there every so often to make sure it was clean. They would also walk around the place ( I wanna say every 30ish minutes or so) cleaning up anything on the floor and making sure the kids were OK. They have a great menu for both parents and kids at great prices. I spent the same there for a healthier lunch that I would at Mc Donald's. They have comfy chairs, sofas, and love seats for parents to sit in as well as numerous "picnic bench" like tables. My only regret is that I didn't take my tablet or laptop with me because the only reason we left as early as we did is that I was bored. Next time though, I will be prepared! Whether your child is social or likes to play alone, this places has it all!
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Being a female and growing up with a mechanic for a father, it's always hard for me to take my vehicle to a shop. I recently purchased a car knowing it needed some repairs but for the price I couldn't pass it up. One of the first things it was going to need was an oil change, but I wanted to get up under the hood and check out everything else before I took it in. Because this was my first car in 6 years, I know longer had a shop to call home so I kept putting off the oil change. I finally broke down and decided to go to Community Tire Pro's (mostly because I had a flier for a free oil change) and check them out. I was pleasantly surprised to walk in and find out that, not only did the manager help run the front, but that she was female! It took some of the tension off right away. I talked with Sissy about what I wanted done (oil change, a/c check, bumper to bumper inspection) and we set up a time for 8:30 the next morning. When I came in the next morning, Sissy remembered me and we got started on my paper work. I really wasn't prepared for how much time it was going to take to do all that I wanted done so Sissy let me know that if I wanted to get up and walk around the area to just let them know in case they needed to call me. Their waiting area was very nice and they even provide multiple chargers for your electronic devices! So I sat down and started to fiddle with my phone and before I knew it, my name was being called. The only thing that they found during their inspection that I didn't already know about was a crack in my radiator. Of course, seeing everything all sprawled out at once was a little overwhelming so Sissy had my service adviser put in order of what was most important. Unfortunately, I was not able to pay for more than what I originally asked for but Sissy told me that the prices they quoted me won't change and because I am a single mother, there are resources out there that might be able to help me. Even though I left feeling discouraged about the repairs, I was extremely satisfied with how they handled the situation, happy that they didn't push me into getting anything else done today, surprised to find that everything that needs to be done (including parts and labor) is itemized and easy to read, and relieved by the fact that I was talked to like an actual person. They even pulled my car to the front door so she was sitting there waiting for me when I walked out.
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