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Patrick Edem Agama
I love Investing, Equity research, Securities Analysis , Psychology and Photography.
I love Investing, Equity research, Securities Analysis , Psychology and Photography.

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Stop the bleeding of your portfolio, don't sell, reduce loss and hold
The Ghana Stock
Exchange ended the week positively, following 0.22% rise in GCB's stock price.
The GSE-Composite Index closed recording a year to date of 7.11%. The GSE-FSI
gained 0.73 points to close trading at 1,695.04 points reaching  a CYTD of 9.64%. Th...

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Financing Your Investments Using Borrowed Money: Margin Trading on GSE
image credit: I am still deeply concerned about the speed of growth of the Ghana Stock Exchange . Market players are blaming it on the low level of
activities on the market because investors are few and hence ‘Ghanaians do not
invest enough’....

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Young means Equity &The Fallacy of time diversification
From my earlier post against diversification, let me take
time to address the flawed logic people have about diversification which is
captured well in Jordan, Miller and Dolvin book on Valuation and Management. Has anyone ever told you “ You’re young, so yo...

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Why you should put all your eggs in one basket
Today I was reviewing my Investment Coaching notes and
preparing for my next session and then I came across a quote from Will Rogers
that says;  “Don’t gamble! Take all your
savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up. If it won’t go up,

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Ghana Stock Exchange Market Return History & Index Trend
For some time now I have been receiving calls and emails from friends and people, particularly MBA finance students for an access to the Ghana Stock Exchange market returns history for their various academic researches. Other analysts also request for this ...

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How to get your money work harder: The power of compound interest
photo credit: Every investor is looking for investments that pay more over
the shortest time possible with low risk. In the course of maximizing returns,
some turn to endanger the funds due to the risk attached to high return
investments. O...

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2 Reasons Why IPOs Do Not Fail In Ghana
How many times have you heard that IPOs failed in Ghana?
Most of the times, IPOs are successful although there were clear sign that they
suffered a lot to get to the Ghana Stock Exchange.  Even from the onset of IPOs in Ghana, you can
see that patronage was...
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