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Let's do the Sales Talk
Selling products and services are not as easy as what others think (or you thought it would be). Not all people will be easily convinced on why they should buy from you a house and lot in Quezon City , or purchase an item of furniture for their newly acquir...

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Must-Haves for Your Kids at Home
Having kids at home is not easy. You need to get up early, prepare food and the things they need, and make sure they are well-taken care. More than that, you got to keep your condo in Manila or wherever you live, a child-friendly place. With all the furnitu...

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For Fresh Grads: Surviving the Outside World
Congratulations, fresh grad! Hooray for the celebrations and treats after graduating in college - party in Tomas Morato, shopping in your favorite Ayala Mall , and going out of town with your closest friends. I understand you are still ecstatic with all the...

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Are You Ready to Buy a Condo?
You might be so
interested in buying one of Manila properties , or if not, you are
considering that condo for rent Bonifacio Global City . You are
probably thinking of living on your own, settling down with your
better half or contemplating on the thought o...

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Philippines as an Avian Archipelago
Philippines is one among the very few countries that is considered to
have mega-diversity, from flora and fauna specifically when it comes
to birds and mammals. Birdwatching in the Philippines is the current
trend among the birders worldwide. Let’s disc...

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20 Inspiring Quotes From Home Designers
For some reasons,
there will always be a profound feeling whenever we decorate our
home. Perhaps, it is because of the positive vibe it gives whenever
we get to improve the things at home. Always keep in mind that your
home is a reflection of what and who y...

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Decluttering 101: What Experts Says About Decluttering at Home
There will always be
a profound feeling when we have our home cleaned. Who would not want
to clean their home, right? Even if we are so busy with our work or
in school, we always find time to do all the household chores. Nobody
wants to live a dirty and mes...

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5 Hacks To Brighten Up Your Space At Home
what's wrong with some modernist houses – they're kept
vacuum-sealed all the way through. And then people wonder why they
haven't any atmosphere." – John Stefanidis There's
nothing more frustrating than having a dull and lifeless home. Agree?
If you ...

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Home Improvement 101: How to Shop the Right Furniture Online
“ One of the reasons I became a designer in the first place was
because I love collecting and then putting it all together. But when
you're designing your own house, one of the hardest things to do is
finish it. Because you're always finding and adding your...

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Top 3 Relationship Goals Realtors Should Have with Clients
If there is one ingredient for a relationship to work out, that is when both parties understand each other.  Well, if you don't want to disappoint with one another, you both have to work out the things that make the relationship last. It is no different wit...
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