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Mary Anning
Two Girls. One Blog. All Sorts of Science.
Two Girls. One Blog. All Sorts of Science.

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Men in Paleontology
Look. We love doing science. We love being ladies. But we're beginning to be a little sick of being called women in science. Why? Sometimes it feels like "women in science" sounds a lot like oil in water: two things that do not mix. Yeah, that seems a bit u...

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We Talked About Some Science Stuff!
This week, instead of WRITING about science stuff, we're going to show a video of us TALKING about science stuff. Specifically, Amy gave a great 15 minute talk on her Big Bend Summer internship that we belatedly blogged about like 5 minutes ago, and Meaghan...

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Alternate Careers for Young Scientists in Trump's America
Are you a young scientist about to graduate into a world where EPA scientists can't discuss their findings, climate change "isn't real", federal hiring is frozen, and NSF funding has been called into question a number of times and is undoubtedly going to be...

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Paleontology of Big Bend National Park
Last summer was a busy one for the Vengeance Team. Meaghan completed her PhD, got married, and got the most adorable puppy on the planet. Amy crafted the shit out of Meaghan's wedding, mostly didn't cry, finally appreciated sheep (kinda) and then spent the ...

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A Post on Science Camps
To this day, most of Amy and Meaghan's longest term friends (including each other), come from outdoor science camps. Science camps, if you've never had the pleasure of attending one, are where fledgling nerds develop their inquisitive wings, and also finall...

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Photogrammetry, a Don't Do This guide to 3D modelling
Photogrammetry is a technique that stitches together pictures into a 3D surface, which is quick and useful for paleontologists, and also really impressive to their parents ( OMG IS THAT 3D? YOU WORK IN THE FUTURE AND THE PAST ALL AT ONCE YOU MAKE US SO PROU...

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Meaghan's Tips for Taking Your Comprehensive or Qualifying Exams
In Meaghan's department, they're called comprehensive exams, or comps - in many others they're called qualifying exams or quals. These are mid-Ph.D. exams, and they are by far the most difficult and terrifying part of a Ph.D (except for trying to get a job ...

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Love Letter to Zotero, and Other Helpful Graduation Tips
Meaghan recently completed her Ph.D. (FUCK YES SHE IS FREE SHE IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE) and Amy is working on her Masters, so we thought it was time to compile a list of things we are fantastically grateful for, even if these people/services/programs have no id...

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Creepy Photos of White Dudes with Fossils
Amy spentg lots of time going over the history of paleontology in Big Bend National Park as she worked there this summer as a paleo intern (more on that later). This mostly means she learnt about all the old white dudes who found some giant pre-chicken bone...

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Meaghan's New Career Goal: Sheep, Sheep, and More Sheep
So Meaghan just got married (more on that in a future post) to a lovely gentleman named Logan whose family owns a farm down in Roseburg, Oregon. And on that farm they have wine grapes and apple trees and coyotes and a surprising number of cougars, and most ...
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