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ROVI - Robo Virtuality
Going to release my new robot the "Rovi - Robo virtuality" @  # Makermela  Mumbai 2017 " Even in this 21 st century there having a significant innovation for reducing the trav elling time and distance. From common people to the president of the nation peopl...

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Let's make an all terrain remote controlled rover bot. This is a great starter project for hobbyists. In this tutorial I am showing how to make an all terrain robot using arduino with two mode of controlling, Using smartphone controlling and the other one i...

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How much essential it is ,to make an efficient wireless remote controller for your projects like robots, RC cars, RC boats etc.. It is the remote controller which effects the whole performance. It is sure that a good remote controller can make your robot we...

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Third Eye for Blinds
Watch the video( that came in Asianet news channel  In Malayalam language) Video credits - The first wearable technology for blinds Using ultrasonic waves to detect the obstacles Notifying the user through vibrations/buzzer sound ...

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Line follower robot - The easiest!
"A perfectly working line follower robot" This is simple tutorial to make a line follower robot using arduino. In this tutorial I am using the same robot platform of my previous tutorial  ​ "Make you firs arduino robot" .  You can follow that tutorial to ma...

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Make your first arduino robot - The best beginners guid!
Smartphone controlled , obstacle avoiding and wall follower robot. Are you a beginner in arduino and have a plan to make your first robot then follow this instructbles. Are you not yet used an arduino then-have a familiar of this by feeling it. What about m...

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Hello, Today I am showing how to make a cheap two wheeled arduino bluetooth robot, using PVC pipes and its joints(for making the body). It's simple to make and easy to program. It have a lot of fun to play with this robot. It is not only a common bluetooth ...

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Obstacle avoider robot for beginners
Here is my
arduino robotic tutorial 'series' is starting. In this tutorial I'm
showing how to make a obstacle avoider robot using arduino, in the
upcoming tutorials I use this same platform for making different
functions for the robot(adding bluetooth, fol...

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