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A Southern Catholic Thing
Not Seminary Ridge Last month I found myself way in the back of the church a couple of minutes before Mass started. We typically arrive about 15 minutes early and sit near the front where I can see without glasses, so the back is a mysterious and alien plac...

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FGO June 2016: Visibly Anonymous
Link to the June FGO.

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Visibly Anonymous
My Fabulous Wife and I went out to dinner for Mother's Day at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Our adult kids are living in other cities, or were at work in this one; I think it was just the two of us for the first time ever. Monterrey's is a middle-cla...

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Fiat Mihi Too
I first heard the Bamboo Parable when I was a kid, I imagine most of you have heard it too. No? It’s the story of beautiful Bamboo, who freely allows its Master to chop it down, hack it open, and use it to bring life-giving water to parched land.  Here’s  a...

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FGO April 2016: Fiat Mihi Too
Link to an article I wrote based on my April FGO: Fiat Mihi Too.

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March 2016: I AM I AM
The March FGO was based on  this article about a recent Catechism class. The moral of the story is if you teach Catechism class, you won't run out of material For the Good of the Order.

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Like my car, it's old; but nowhere near needing replacing. In 6 th  grade Catechism class, we go through the Bible chronologically, Genesis to Revelation. In the first four months, the kids learn all sorts of Old Testament stuff that will connect to what’s ...

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Catechist Mag Book Review
Nice and short review of my book in the March 2016 issue of Catechist Magazine:

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The More the Merrier
We would love to pray for your mother-in-law. Seriously.   I like praying the Rosary. But I also bore easily. As I mentioned in last month's article  Rosary Riff , to keep the Rosary fresh I make up my own Mysteries. But sometimes I won't use a mystery set ...

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Rosary Riff
This article was originally posted at  New Evangelizers Beyond Standard I pray the Rosary. I like to meditate
on the mysteries, but I've been doing them for a long time, and like to reflect
on other themes besides the 3, oops, 4 sets that we have to choose ...
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