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Anna Serra i Vidal
Kids and YA writer & Social Educator
Kids and YA writer & Social Educator

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Hi everyone! 
I am a social educator. I've been working for 12 years attending people with disabilities and their families and last year I was transferred to attending any kind of people with social needs, specially children and teens. 
I am very excited to start learning and plan on the long run, on creating a safe platform your kids I work with, as they are much more comfortable online than in person. 

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It's not mine, but i think this post by Beth Revis is very appropriate. After writing 10 novels that didn't get published she wrote the story of her life, the one she wanted to read and this is the one that landed her to the NYT best seller list. 

Happy New Year to the #amwriting  community! 
Have you set any specific writing goals for this new year? 
I have to settle up myself and try to think properly. I've been working on a YA story for a long time but after watching Les Miserables the other day, I could finally think what it lacks. It's passion. 
So for this year, I want to find back the spark that ignited me wanting to write this story and try to rekindle with the initial passion. 
What are yours? 

Working on two different projects: One is my ongoing urban fantasy novel for teens. It will take long and longer than I expected. 
The other, hopefully, will end this next week and it will be my annual short story for Christmas. Got a couple of ideas from where to work. 

Hi, everyone, so glad to come back to the #amwriting  community! I was an avid twitter like 2 years ago but then I started writing seriously and didn't find the time to waddle on all the tweets I got. I get to google+ sparsely but a lot more than on twitter! 

If you want a follow back, before adding someone to your circles, please post something in your profile and on the public timeline, something that helps the other people know what they might like about you or which circles are you interested in.
Otherwise it's a pass from me beause I don't know where to put you.


Si quieres que alguien te añada a sus círculos, por favor antes de añadirlo, publica algo en tu perfil y en tu página, algo que de una pista sobre qué te interesa y quien eres.
Si no, no añado porque no sé donde poneros.

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And urgently, if I may add!

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Oh I so love it!

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Good smile in the morning :)

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Shevi I need to share it! Would love to know who are some of the peeps that follow me with no info on their profiles and almost no posts either.
Thanks to all the people who have added me to their circles recently. If you'd like me to add you back, please put your personal tagline (the reason why you're so awesome I just have have to add you) in your profile in a place where it will pop up when I hover my cursor over your avatar, like in the field for where you work. I want to know who you are, particularly if you're a writer, comics person, YA book lover, super geek, funny guy or gal, or e-publisher! Let me know, so I can add you to the right circle. Thanks!
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