Shared publicly  - - Short Video combined w/ time laps on the John Muir Trail. Felt good watching it !!!! - If you find it worth sharing, SHARE IT!!!!!
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Ah, that was fun! :-)

As one who has hiked all but a small section of the JMT (a long story about why I missed that section) and who has hiked a number of areas many times, it is a kick to see so many places that are so familiar, even in little one or two second clips. I'm not always a fan of throwing video up with some music, but this reflects the joyous aspects of traveling in the backcountry, especially with a group of like-minded friends. (Thinking about that as I returned yesterday from such a trip with five friends, this one lasting 8 days.)
Thanks for sharing this here Steve. A very well done video for sure.
Tuan Le
Well done video. Beautiful country and I would love to do a long wilderness trip like that. Thanks for sharing it Steve.
Tuan, my friend Tom Kitta just started this week. We should have went with him! 
Tuan Le
Steve, maybe we still have time to catch up to him. :-)
Dan, I'll be camping in Bishop Canyon n waking up to some high elevation fall color in a few hours!! The air will be brisk with a hint of coolness in the first few days of autumn. A few flickering gold leaves surrounded by clusters of vibrant greens and maybe a couple of scraggly spider aspens sprawling their web of cherry red and fiery orange colors will be found just as it was last year at exactly this time!!

The fall season in the Eastern Sierra has begun!!
Tuan, only if he stops to climb a peak on a side trip! The guy is fast!
Steve, best wishes and enjoy! I only returned yesterday from 8 days in the Yosemite back-country - and it is my absolute favorite time of the year in the Sierra. I saw just a very small number of aspen leaves starting to turn - but this, along with the reddening bilberry plants and the dying corn lilies, was enough to confirm what I could feel in the air and see in the changing light.
Dan, I've got this one place in the Yosemite back country that I haven't seen photographed yet. It needs autumn light to illuminate a very rugged ridgeline. Hope it doesn't snow too much before I make it up there!! Need to make it a goal!

PS, just sold a print to guy that was trying to buy from your friend Charlie Kramer but no answer from Charlie.
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