How do you take a manly wildflower photo? Hit the shutter once you're laying on your stomach and a Mojave Green pops up out of the bed of flowers and scares the crap out of you! This was my first rattle snake sighting besides seeing them cross the road all the time while driving in the desert! Luckily I shot in burst mode the moment I saw it and a few more frames after I jumped back. I was on my way to Death Valley and stopped here along the way.

I didn't know they were so mean and puff up to make themselves look bigger. Also didn't know the Mojave Rattlesnake is the deadliest snake in North America with 2 toxins in the venom, one causing paralysis! Get outta of my face you ssssnake!!!

I get the hardest time from some of my good non photographer friends because I'm shooting wildflowers here and there so I'll have to show them this one. A landscape photographer's life isn't spent hanging in a tree shooting squirrels!

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On a side note I just proposed to Christina a few days ago in glider over the San Gabriel Mountains and Mojave Desert. The glider had most of what a normal plane would have minus the engine but they can stay up longer then you might think. I caught a little bit of it on film with a GoPro video camera.

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Entered this in the BBC's Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year!
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