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Mt Morrison up close! 
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Magnifica foto!
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Canyoneering California
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An old spot that the locals love!
See a photo of mossy rocks along the seashore in Santa Monica and download free wallpaper from National Geographic.
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It's really fantastic
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GMO's are not the way go!!
Science Does Not Support GMO Safety
The industry-funded campaigns to block GMO labelling laws brilliantly labelled anyone who simply wanted to know what they are eating as "anti-science", but what does science actually have to say about GMOs?

The vast majority of GMO products are modified to either be resistant to pesticide (Round-Up Ready) or they contain an insecticide.  Here's the FDA's list:

Follow links from there, and here's the FDA's letter accepting corn able to survive increased soakings of glyphosate Round-up herbicide:
"Based on the information Monsanto has presented to FDA, we have no further questions concerning food and feed derived from MON 87427 corn at this time. However, as you are aware, it is Monsanto’s continuing responsibility to ensure that foods marketed by the firm are safe..."

So the FDA bases approval solely on the assurance of Monsanto?  

Let's look it up another way, through the data on glyphosate, the herbicide known by the brand Round-Up(TM):

_II.A. Evidence for Human Carcinogenicity
__II.A.1. Weight-of-Evidence Characterization
Classification — D; not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity

Basis — Inadequate evidence for oncogenicity in animals. Glyphosate was originally classified as C, possible human carcinogen, on the basis of increased incidence of renal tumors in mice. Following independent review of the slides the classification was changed to D on the basis of a lack of statistical significance and uncertainty as to a treatment-related effect.

__II.A.2. Human Carcinogenicity Data


__II.A.3. Animal Carcinogenicity Data

Inadequate.  Charles River CD-1 mice (50/sex/dose level) were fed diets containing glyphosate at dose levels of 0, 1000, 5000, or 30,000 ppm for 24 months. The incidence of renal tubule adenomas observed in the male mice exceeded that of the controls (0/49 controls; 0/49 low-dose; 1/50 mid-dose; 3/50 high-dose). A re-evaluation of the renal tumor slides prepared from the male mice indicated the presence of an additional adenoma in the control group and malignant tumors in the two higher dose groups. Therefore, the incidences of the reevaluated data are 1/49 control adenoma; 0/49 low; 1/50 mid, carcinoma; 3/50 high, 1 adenoma, 2 carcinomas. It was the judgment of two reviewing pathologists that the renal tumors were not treatment-related. In addition, the inclusion of a tumor in the control group eliminated statistical significance for the high-dose group.

In a 26-month study Sprague-Dawley (CD) rats, 50/sex/dose were fed 0, 30, 100, or 300 ppm glyphosate in the diet. The study is being repeated to include the MTD. There were some thyroid tumors, which were considered of normal incidence. Power to detect an effect was reduced since a MTD was not demonstrated, and the highest dose tested was less than 1/100 of the high dose in the mice (Monsanto, 1981). OPP has requested that the study be repeated on the basis of the degree of species difference in the highest dose tested and the possibility that higher doses (MTD) might produce additional tumors.


So the carcinogenicity data is "inadequate", and the request that the 1981 study be repeated does not have any follow-up.  There are no human trials, except the one you see in the mirror.

Here's some recent science:
Pesticides In Tap Water Responsible For Food Allergy Increase

Let's see what a scientist who led the EPA's biosafety program has to say:

Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs
Agroeconomists have shown repeatedly that the best-yielding, most-affordable crop varieties, to "feed the world", are those derived from conventional non-GMO hybrids (U.N Commission on Trade and Development).

As a lifelong scientist, I am deeply troubled to report that promises of patent enforcement by American agrichemical seed companies have prevented U.S. scientists from researching what some exclaim are "problems" associated with GMO crops. We will not know the facts as long as the seeds and plants that we, our children, pets and livestock consume are not made available for conducting long-term, controlled experiments.

Norwegian scientists recently detected Roundup in 10 of 10 farms using genetically engineered soybeans. We had to also learn from these Norwegian (not American) scientists that the nutritional composition of soybeans grown on 31 Ohio farms differed depending upon the type of farm management system employed. Soybeans harvested from organic farms had higher concentrations of protein and essential amino acids, and higher concentrations of two minerals, and no Roundup residues (Food Chem. 2014).

Now we know from the scientific literature that the same concentrations of Roundup residues in soybeans is sufficient in laboratory assays to: induce hormone disruptions during frog development (mixed-sex frogs); kill young trout and tadpoles; stop the growth of earthworms in soil; inhibit activities of beneficial soil and human gut bacteria; and stimulate the growth of human breast-cancer cells assayed under laboratory conditions.
Ramon J. Seidler, Ph.D., of Ashland, is a professor of microbiology and a retired senior scientist and team leader for the Environmental Protection Agency's biosafety program.

A former scientist for Agriculture Canada, Thierry Vrain, has turned whistleblower as well:
Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food

#science   #GMO   #environment  
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+Patricia Diane Fletcher So I suspect this formaldehyde claim stems from a paper by Ayyadurai. And in this paper Ayyadura uses a computer program to attempt to predict what might happen in round up ready plants. His computer program predicted an increased level of formaldyhyde. But he never actually did the experiment to detect if the plants actually have an increased level of formaldehyde.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of studies done on the actual composition of actual real round up ready crops and not one of them has found an increase in formaldehyde. So if you had to bet between actual measurments and computer predictions as to which is correct I think you should go with actual measurements. Don't you.
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If only Las Vegas had a river... oh but it does!!!

Steve Sieren

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Podcasts for the Outdoors!!
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Please follow my YouTube channel at thank u. 
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Awesome California Sticker!!!!
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sounds a bit weird...but why not all the some on all camaras....
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Split Mountain
Split Mountain Colorado River Nevada California Arizona by Steve Sieren
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I'm Fibonacci's Hey I'm Renee. I would love to visit
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“The President's launching a new effort to give every 4th-grader in America free access to public lands. #FindYourPark”
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Very good done. Life is short for understanding women!
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Colorado River California Mojave Desert Barrel Cacti
Colorado River - Arizona / California Border The Colorado is still very interesting further down it's path to the ocean. This place has rugged peaks, colorful vegetation and tons of canyons. We only saw a little bit of wildlife, a few peregrines and an asshole donkey. He or she did not like us, hissed and huffed at us, it would walk a few paces and do it over again and again, for about a quarter mile in a narrow wash. It was long enough to where...
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Have him in circles
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Professional Nature, Architectural, and Travel Photography
California based Pro Landscape & Architectural Photographer specializing in dramatic photography. "Everyone has their bad moments, but the good moments always out number the bad; with a good attitude, you can always make something out of nothing!"
Hi Everyone at G+, I look forward to getting to know you.

If you're into the wonderful Eastern Sierra, I've got a great community you may love to join!

See you out in the field or on the screen!  Cheers!

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Steve Sieren is a Southern California (United States) based professional Landscape and Architectural Photographer living in the outskirts of Los Angeles. His interest for the sanctuary of the wilderness began at an early age and soon developed into a diehard passion for landscape photography. Exploring some of the lesser known or more remote areas led to work in advertising, publishing, conservation and environmental efforts. His photography has been used in the fight to keep the 8,000 acres of Montana De Oro State Park off the giant State Park closure list in 2008.

You can find his work displayed in National Park visitor centers, California State Park Foundation Headquarters, local art gallery shows, restaurants and scenic calendars. Steve services clients such as Tamron Co., Outdoor Photographer, Photographer Magazine and many others. Steve has also been published many times for highly sought architectural work. 

Steve is currently working on his first couple book projects. Steve enjoys leading photography workshops in California’s wild mountain, deserts, rugged coastlines and rolling oak hillsides. His workshop participants have mentioned that his patience, an open mind and heart opens the door for a simple learning process and a memorable experience. Spending time in the landscape and letting it capture him is where the emotional connection comes from. Working a camera has become second nature so his creative vision guides him through the image creation process.

Steve believes “everyone has their bad moments, but the good moments always out number the bad; with a good attitude, you can always make something out of nothing.”

Sponsored by Mpix, Nik software and OP Tech USA

Steve's looks foward to bringing new inspiration to the G+ community!

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Nice and new, doesn't smell in there
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Brisket was delicious! !
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Great tasty BBQ and nice friendly service!! Very well priced too! Wish I lived a little closer so I could stop by more often!!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Great food and service, there isn't much for food in 29 Palms so it's pretty darn good compared to the other options in town.
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I fell of my bike when I was a kid and knocked out most of one of my front teeth, Dr Pinter placed a crown on it and I still have a great smile 20 years later. She does a great job and I'll continue to use her as long as can!
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Best quality food in town, I don't mind the hole in the wall places in town but this is much better atmosphere and quality wise.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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