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Friday Morning Devotional - June Foster
for Others by June Foster I like to take time in the morning to read the Word
and spend some time with the Lord. Then I pray for friends and family. Some, if
I'm not sure of their salvation status, I lift them up before the Lord and
reinforce my pray...

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Wrinkles for Free - A Tongue-in-Cheek Look at a Hard Truth
for Free! Picture from Google Images “Two Minutes? I have two minutes and that’s all it
takes to remove fifty-one years of child, marriage, job, stress ... induced
wrinkles! You can tell by the results; the faces look pathetic in the before

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One Writer's Journey - Susan Baganz
It’s hard to believe that I started writing fiction almost eight years
ago. It started with a dream. I woke one morning believing God was telling me
to do NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month ). It was October and I was
stunned. Me? Write a book? I’d ha...

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Driving with God
Driving with God by Bonnie Engstrom This is not Bonnie, though I think it looks like her. Image from Pixabay He’s following too
close. The black SUV behind me was so close I could see the drivers
face in my rearview mirror. I’d put my right turn signal on a...

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From Death to Life in Forgiveness
From Death to Life   by Lynne Tagawa Not long
ago, my daughter-in-law told me her mother was reading my new book, A Twisted Strand, and enjoying it. Her
eyes widened a bit. “I read the back and it sounds scary.” She wasn’t sure
she’d like it herself. It’s t...

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The Love of God Never Ceases
Peg here: ( This post was originally scheduled to post yesterday, Oct 9, but we didn't have the preorder link yet.) Today's guest, Sara Foust, shares a combination of a lovely devotional, and information about her upcoming book release,  Callumn's Compass. ...

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Be a Joshua
“Be strong
and of a good courage.”   a Devotional Post from author Angela Carlisle At the walls of Jericho Recently
I noticed how often these words were spoken to Joshua. In Deuteronomy 31, Moses
tells him twice. Skip to the beginning of the book of Joshua ...

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The Power of Story
What Good is Fiction, Anyway?  Guest blog post by Ellie Gustafson I had an
interesting conversation with a theology professor while book-selling at a conference.
He taught Bible; why would I think he’d be interested in fiction ? I lined out my talking point...

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It's the Right Time for Love
IT’S THE RIGHT TIME FOR LOVE Spotlight on a recent release from author Lana Newman Kruse    Baby boomer and widow, Angie Cooper, is determined to have a
new design career in thriving McKinney , a hop,
skip, and jump from Dallas .
She wants independence in h...

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When you say "Hallelujah" . . .
Please welcome my special guest, Dvora, who has graciously shared some deep, thought-provoking thoughts on a word we use often, sometimes, I daresay, without thought about what it really means. Sit back and be enlightened. Hope you find it as interesting as...
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