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Rollin Grams
Theological Education and Ministry Training, United World Mission; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Theological Education and Ministry Training, United World Mission; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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Being ‘Traditioned’ in the Faith: Congregational Singing, the Psalms, and Biblical Literacy
Biblical illiteracy is
partly due to changes to the worship service over the years.  Take the average church forty or fifty years
ago.  There would have been a morning and
evening service on Sunday and a Wednesday night service.  There would have been Sunda...

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Have you met this Jesus, a first century Jew from Nazareth in the Galilee?
Let’s see.  You want to change the world?  You’re tired of the tired old news on
television every day—nations behaving badly, governments that are incompetent,
Hollywood stars who celebrate unfaithfulness, the local murder statistics.  Maybe you just won th...

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What is the Local Church?
There must be a
myriad of definitions of the local church on offer.  Rather than be intimidated by this, I might
as well offer yet another definition and, in doing so, attempt to create good
discussion on the subject.  Ecclesiology (our
understanding of the...

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"Doesn’t the Bible Have Very Little to Say about Homosexuality?"--Answers to David Lamb
Introduction Phrased in this way—‘Doesn’t
the Bible have very little to say about homosexuality?—the question is meant to
downplay the importance of Biblical texts addressing homosexuality.  David Lamb, for example, says: However,
despite some Christians’ p...

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Requiem for the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Hope of Mission and Orthodoxy for the Future
Yesterday’s (8 June, 2017) news
that the Scottish Episcopal Church has voted to become the first Anglican
Church in the United Kingdom to affirm same-sex marriage may appear
shocking.  This vote, however, has been expected
for a year.  Moreover, the state o...

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Book Review Notice for "Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church," ed. P. Sprinkle
Book :  Sprinkle, Preston, ed.   Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church .  Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2016. Reviewed by S. Donald Fortson and Rollin G. Grams i n  Reformed Faith & Practice  2.1 (May, 2017) .  Online :

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Early Christian Views on Wealth, Possessions, and Giving
[The following post continues notes and studies on the issue of wealth, poverty, and Christian ethics.  It originally appeared in an online publication: Rollin G. Grams, 'Early Christian Views on Wealth, Possessions, and Giving,'   Explorations (Fall, 2010)...

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Notes on a Christian Approach to Work, Property, and Community in Roger Crook's Introduction to Christian Ethics
[This post continues notes on various authors regarding wealth, poverty, and economic justice.  Here is a chapter from  Roger H Crook,   An Introduction to Christian Ethics (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice
Hall, 1990), pp. 227-243.   I have
organised the not...

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Notes from Allen Verhey (Remembering Jesus) on Economic Justice
[This post continues a series of notes on various authors on wealth and poverty in Christian ethics.  Allen Verhey argues for a use of Scripture that 'remembers' the canonical writings and early Church when addressing ethical issues in contemporary contexts...

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Notes Regarding Poverty and Wealth in Luke-Acts from Luke T. Johnson, Walter E. Pilgrim, and Mark A. Powell
[This post continues the theme of poverty and economic ethics with some select notes from:  Luke T. Johnson, Walter E. Pilgrim, and Mark A. Powell. ] Luke
T. Johnson , The Literary
Function of Possessions in Luke-Acts . 
Society of Biblical Literature Disse...
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