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The Universal Declaration Of Human rights.(1948)

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression , this Right includes Freedom to hold opinions without Interference and to seek , receive and Impart Information and ideas through any Media and Regardless of Frontiers. 

Article 25
Everyone Has The Right to A Standard of Living Adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of His  family, including  Food, Clothing, Housing and Medical Care and necessary social Services, and The Right to security in the event of Unemployment,Sickness,Disability, widowhood, Old age or other Lack of livelihood in circumstances Beyond his Control.

Do Zimbabweans realy give a Damn, about their Suffering.!?. That is if there are those who are crying and dying for a Better Zimbabwe.

I have A Dream Of A Youthful Better Zimbabwe.
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I am a Shona writer,   

i write about  The Shona People.  

I write about the Shona Cultures,  

I am the storyboard  of the great Shona Kings.

Those who  traded Gold for  clothes,   

Ivory  for Jewellary. 

I am an Ambassador of  My People. 

I dance to shona Drums. 

I sing Shona Songs. 

I jump to the sound of Shona songs

I dream the Shona way. 

I respect the mirror, 

When i cry, it doesn't laugh back at me. 

Shona people live in me 

And i live in them. 

I do everything in the Shona manner. 

So don't ask for my Manners

I am the river of Words, 

Words that Define the Shona People. 

Chinyambera , mhande and muchongoyo. 

Nhodo, Zai rakawora neTsoro. 

Nhunguru Tsambatsi neMaroro, 

I sing songs of the Sotshangane tribes 

Songs of the ngoro ngoro tribes

Songs of Mzilikazi  and The Ndebele Tribes.

Songs of equality, Black Emancipation and injustice.   

I sing melodies of mbakumba   And Nyamatsatse.

I dream of African Shona people 

 I am A Shona Poet , 

I recite Rhythms and Rhymes.  

 I recite Poetic jingles .

I recite love .

I recite serious  propaganda .

I recite african Politics , the Shona way.

I shun all that become obstacles of Shona Progress.

I am  the Orator in the mucus of The age . 

 I am .

 I am the the Philosopher of The Shona Languages . 

I speak them all if you want me to.


I summon spirits ,  demons , and God.

I represent Stupidity , academics , and literates.

I present  shona poems and Sonnets.

I am the Shonological   Metabolism of language Digestion. 

I speak of  Mfekane  the battle that destroyed Changamire Dombo.

I sing  Vhitori , Ndau and  Kore kore.

I sing of karanga across Lake Tanganyika. 

I sing Tshangani for i am Shona.

 I speak  Zezuru, 

I speak Tonga.

 I speak Venda . 

I am Waremba.

I am Manyika,

 i am Rozvi.

 You can call me 'TSHONA' in Zulu.

Meaning Setting  Sun or the West.
But i am 

I Am.  

 The black african Poet .

My skin is Black , and My hair is Black.

I am a Child of the Bantu Languages .  

My mother speak the Shona Language.

So i sing  The  Shona voices .

I have great Empathy for you Reader . 
But i am a Shona Writer.

I sing songs , songs of my HIV status.

I sing songs of Child abuse.

I sing songs, songs of my academic diplomacy.

I am a shona poet, 

I speak truth, i speak Lies.

I Speak trust i speak , Truancy.  

I swim in the portals of  born Ballistic  Puberty.  
I sing Disclosure,  i sing Denial. 

I sing cancer , i sing AIDS, i sing Ibola.

I sing songs sung at the Grave Site. 

I sing Ndwandwe, i am Chikunda.

 I am a shona   poet.

My Poetry is Shona Poetry,

My voice is a gun that all Shudders.

My tongue , spits heresy , i speak Dearth.
I am.

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Its Sad that As Zimbabweans , we Have Been Burying Our Heads In the Sand For the Past 35 Years and No development has been Done Since 1998 when  the Zimbabwean Economy Started  dilapidating, its #Sad , that Many Pride in Stollen Richies  ,  corrupt Habits ,  the Rich Are Fastly Growing Richer And With The same Pase , the  Poor are becoming More Poorer, making Money is Nonsense. 

Itai Dzamara handed  in Person A petition  To the president  on The nation of zimbabwe to Pass on The Baton, stick to the Youthful blood Which happen to be the future of Zimbabwe.
The Grey Bead Head Masters Has Failed to Make this Nation a Nation that it was During The Rhodesian Era.  

On monday  the  3rd Of November (Mbudzi)  2014 

There Shall be An Address By the People On the Way forwad towards  Take Over AFRIKA UNITY SQUARE  When Colour shall See no Race, 
 Political Paties Shall see No Politics,  and People Shall Meet as People to discuss the Way Forward since " De' Furrah ' ( His Royal Highness) , answers to the Petition that was Submitted into his    office.

Come in Large Numbers, Invite someone to invite someone to bring a Friend.  
No Party Regalia's please.

I live on Words , 
Words that define people ,
Words that describe Cultures , 
Words  the Zimbabweans  Sing As their National Anthem .
Words  that people call the Marginalised ,
 Words of a Child who went to school without a  full lunchbox .
Words of a .forgorten Writter, 
 I live Words.
Words of a change maker .
Words of a Boy who want the Best of His People . 
I live Words , 
Words of women with Face Drawn Fake Eyebrows, 
Words Of Maputi during Lunch  , when others Are are eating Pollony Roles. 
Words of Books , Physics and  Mathematical Formula's , 
Words Of the Micro Sceptic   Tank Of Words . 
 I live Words.
Yet Zimbabwe is Seen with A revolution of #Mugabe_Must_Go
The police might be on Guard Guiding State Matters and Junk

Itai Dzamara​​  , Dirk Frey​​ Frey , Poet Zvavanhuvevhu Jerry Mugweni​​  and MANY OTHERS stepping up !, 
But,  Shall i live Words  when Zimbabwe is Burning!??....................................................................................................
Becoming A friend of the Night ! day and Light of a New Zimbabwe.....

I Live Words.
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