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Anyone know if there is anything I can do to stop duplicate messages when I respond to a group conversation?

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I noticed in group messages now it shows the message I type in then it comes back to me again in the thread.  So it is listed twice.  Is there a setting to avoid that?

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Hopefully they keep the snake well fed. 

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I love how they bring up California Uber Alles as a protest song.

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The French are so strange.

France Makes Employing Skinny Models a Crime

Anyone having an issue with WiFi dropping out? I have to go in and out of airplane mode to connect to WiFi. Happens a couple times a day for me. Any suggestion on how to fix it would be grand.

My old Nexus 7 2012 had that charging issue where it would not charge through the port at all. I had to buy one of the docks to get it to charge. I updated to Android 5.0 and it seems to charge through the port now, that is nice.   I agree with other posts that it has done nothing to help the performance though.

I noticed I can finally pause a stream on the PS3 and it won't crash.  WOOHOO!  Thanks!
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