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Midori America Croporation
Potentiometer, Position Sensor, Linear Sensor, Inclinometer
Potentiometer, Position Sensor, Linear Sensor, Inclinometer
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CP-2FL Series
Based on CP-2FJ series which has a high reputation for functionality and performance, CP-2FL series is the low-cost version of the CP-2FK(m)J and CP-2FBJ-6. Lower unit price and shorter lead-time made possible by simplifying resistive element structural design and manufacturing process.

Available 3.175mm and 6mm shaft diameter. Slot cut into the end of the shaft for easy adjustment. Flat plate terminals are laterally extended out of the housing fro hassle-free soldering.

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We are proud to inform that Midori Japan will be holding a booth at the Techno-Frontier 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

Midori Booth No.: 8C-205

Display items:
New inclinometer -- ESC3000 ( 2 axis, Programmable digital damping control function, Index point resetting function, IP67)
New Angle Sensor -- CP-16U (Compact size, Low current consumption)
New Angle Sensor -- CP-2FL (Low cost, mass produced model)

Sample Product (under development): Magnetic absolute encoder (Compact size, high accuracy)
Sample Product (R & D sample): Inclinometer (Compact, Low Cost, 2 axis, Programmable digital damping control function)

We look forward to meeting with as many attendees as possible at the show!

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Low Current Consumption Angle Sensor: CP-16U series
Current Consumption 0.6mA MAX.
Compact Size: Φ16mm

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Contactless Hall-IC Linear Sensor  LP-10HA series
Effective Electrical Travel: 10mm
Linearity: ±1.6%FS

What is our product "Precision Potentiometer"?

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Product Review
CP-2UKN-A --- Contactless angle sensor, Output 4-20mA
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