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Jemma Chambers (Living Life Nottingham)
Mum of two boys, Wife of one husband, keeper of one dog, owned by two cats
Mum of two boys, Wife of one husband, keeper of one dog, owned by two cats

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The GBBO Challenge - Biscuits; Lemon, Thyme and Salt Shortbread
I wasn't that keen on biscuit week - the recipes I mean, not the show.  I LOVED the show; I just wasn't that inspired by what I saw, baking wise.  I think biscotti are over rated, I really didn't fancy those in the technical challenge and I thought the boxe...

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How To Survive A Night Out As A Mum
How to survive , you might ask?  Thrive more like.  But for me, it's all about survival.  The anticipation of a child free night, followed by fun and debauchery to be sandwiched in by hangover hell makes the entire night out after children an ordeal worthy ...

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Our Home - Barn Conversion Before And After: Next Steps
In my last interiors post I wrote about my sons room; how small and dark it is, and what we've done in the meantime to spruce it up before we can get it extended; what with architects, planning permission, getting quotes and winter weather to contend with, ...

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An (im)perfect Day At The Beach - Wicked Wednesday
Wicked Wednesday - how I missed my weekly giggle at a life less than perfect (mine and yours!). When you take the kids to the beach, you hope the long drive will be rewarded with perfect weather (tick!), splashing in the waves (tick!), giggles and fun all r...

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Boys And Their Toys
Today, as my husband left me with an overtired screaming child to pursue another hobby, I got to thinking  about the hobbies that have been tried, tested, spent on and then forgotten over the years I've known him - a not too princely 9 years and two months....

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The GBBO Challenge; Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte – German Black Forest Cake
I've  challenged  myself. Last week was the first time I've ever watched GBBO.  I applied for the  first  series and got through to the auditions, where I'd have to take two bakes for the producers to try.  I chickened out, didn't go.  I was working full ti...

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Is This The End? Hell No.
It's been a funny few days.  I last posted on Wednesday and I've been worrying ever since that I've nothing to post.  Nada.  Zilch.  My mind is empty.  Writers block?  Perhaps, although you'd be stretching it a bit to call me a writer.  Bloggers block.  Abs...

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Wicked Wednesdays - where did you go?
As Brummy Mummy of 2 takes a holiday (how very dare she) I find myself desolate; where is my weekly giggle at my own and others imperfect life?  I adore the #wickedwednesday linky for the simple fact it's a weekly reminder not to take this life I'm living t...

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Our Home - Woody's Room
When we viewed this house it was perfect - well, perfect besides the two teeny tiny bedrooms... it's a converted barn but as such there is no loft and the rooms go all the way to the roof.  Just gorgeous in the double height rooms; not so great in the two b...

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The Bloggers Interview
I've been tagged by Helen over at AllThe beautifulThings to take part in The Blogger Interview.  I love reading others, getting to know more about the people behind the blog and this one is really interesting; getting to know the reason behind the blog... s...
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