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Lauren Baehr
I am just an awesome person...
I am just an awesome person...

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one direction TOTALLY rocks! zayn is mine!

who loves one direction??

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i found this so fast! comment if u see it!

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haha thats so funny
What Iron Man Usually Do At Home
It is undeniable that this is his real job and most suitable job for him.

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guys, look at this. its a CAKE. i know, your mind is probably blown away.
This is not a snake. It's actually a cake. Aaaand that was your mind being blown. By North Star Cakes 

( via - thinkgeek fb )

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+1 if you LOVE 1D!!!

hey everyone i just volunteered for kitchen on the street! its an organization that gives out food to people who can't afford it!! i handed out food to everyone.. and the best part is that they dont have to pay for it. remember: 1 in 4 kids live in poverty and 17 million kids in the US are hungry, so be grateful for the food u have even though u dont like it.

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this is soooo cooool!!

+1 if you love Hunger Games!
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