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Dedicated to creating insanely good gaming products
Dedicated to creating insanely good gaming products


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Two new Bundles of Holding launched today, and there's an Engine Publishing book in each of them!

Worldbuilder's Toolkit +4 ( features Focal Point: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions ( at the bonus level (around $20), along with a wealth of other GMing resources.

Meanwhile, in Worldbuilder's Toolkit +2 (, you can snag Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management ( -- also at the bonus level, around $15 -- plus a bevy of other books.

These bundles are both a great deal, offering lots of books for much less than their usual PDF prices, and both include the full, DRM-free, multi-format digital editions of our books. And on top of that, a portion of each sale is donated to Doctors Without Borders (, a worthy cause if there ever was one.

Both bundles end December 12, so you've got a bit of time to poke around and see what you think before these deals expire.
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Voting for the 2016 ENnie Awards is now live! There’s no sign-in or registration needed to vote — it’s quick and easy.

Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, which caps Engine Publishing's GMing trilogy covering session prep, campaign prep, and running the game, is nominated for an ENnie in the Best RPG Related Product Category. The blog I ran and contributed to until earlier this year, Gnome Stew, is up for Best Website.

If you'd like to vote for Focal Point, just head over to the voting booth, click on the Best RPG Related Product category, rate Focal Point (1 is the highest/best rating, 5 is the lowest), and then click “Vote!” For Gnome Stew, just do the same but select the Best Website category.

I encourage you to vote in as many categories as possible — there are some fantastic nominees this year, and I know from personal experience how much the ENnies can mean to product sales, visibility, and future success in the RPG industry. Your vote matters!

If you do vote for Focal Point and Gnome Stew, thank you SO much for your support!
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It’s nomination time for the Golden Geek Awards! If you’re a member of RPGGeek and you dig Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, please nominate it!

Focal Point is eligible for Best Supplement and Best Artwork & Presentation. To nominate it, head to the nomination page, search for Focal Point or scroll to it in the list, select the Award Group (category), and click the big button to make your choice.

If a product gets enough nominations, it’s eligible for another round of fan voting to determine the winner in each category. No Engine Publishing product has ever won, but just being nominated is pretty damned awesome given the number of gaming products that come out every year.

If you nominate Focal Point, thank you!
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If you've been waiting for a deal on two of our top-selling titles, the current +Bundle of Holding might be just your ticket: $7 gets you Never Unprepared and two other GMing titles, while $17 gets you another four books, including Unframed.

As always, free previews and lots of reviews are available on our website:

And to top off a great deal, 10% of the BoH's proceeds go to a marvelous charity, Doctors Without Borders.
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Engine Publishing's Black Friday sale is live! Put "BF2015" in the Discount Code field on the checkout page to get 15% off store-wide, no limits -- print, PDF, already-discounted bundles, mix and match.

This year, I'm celebrating Black Friday, moving to Seattle, and making print books available through the store again after a two-month hiatus. Thanks for your patience as I got settled, and if you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope yours was lovely.
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Engine Publishing is committed to fostering and supporting diversity and inclusiveness in the books that we publish. This matters because gaming, as a hobby, is enriched when it honors and welcomes diverse perspectives, and all people, without discrimination, shaming, rancor, exclusion, or other negative behavior. Gaming is awesome, and everyone should be able to participate without exception.

I’m as mad about sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted bullshit in the RPG industry as I am about it in real life. My wife and I are raising our daughter to understand that people are people, everyone is different, and it’s okay to be different. We want her to know that it’s not just okay to be whoever she turns out to be — gay, trans, whatever the case — it’s fantastic.

As a publisher, I approach inclusiveness, diversity, and acceptance with the same passion. It matters. What’s out there, in the marketplace, matters. Starting from the front cover, I want folks who see or read our books to see strong, empowered women, awesome folks with disabilities doing awesome things, people of all skin colors and ethnic backgrounds being kick-ass adventurers, and on and on.

When I started Engine Publishing in 2009, I committed privately to supporting and fostering diversity and inclusiveness in the books we publish. It’s a topic that has come up during the production of all six of our books, and over time my view of what that commitment means has expanded. What hasn’t changed is the “privately” part: I’ve always done it quietly.

My thinking was that doing the right thing trumped talking about it. What I missed was a third option, one I hadn’t considered until a few days ago: Doing what I think is right and talking about it trumps only trying to do the right thing.

Comments are disabled on this post because I often forget to check this page. I've made the same post from my personal account, which I check regularly, and comments are welcome there.
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Focal Point: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions is now available in print+digital and standalone digital editions.

DriveThruRPG digital:

Direct print+digital and digital:

Focal Point is also part of two discounted bundles, one collecting the complete "accidental trilogy" and covering session prep and campaign management in addition to running sessions, and the other including every Engine Publishing title.

I would love to see more reviews of Focal Point, so if you have a blog, podcast, or other public space where you'd like to talk about the book, drop me a line: martin enginepublishing com. I have print+digital and digital review copies available.
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Focal Point preorders have shipped!

The link below touches on what's next (general availability, etc.). The photo below is my receipt from USPS.

Many thanks to everyone who preordered the book!
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I've just sent out updated download links/files for all Focal Point preorder customers that include the ebook and plain text versions of the book. Thanks for your patience!

Everyone who preorders from this point forward will receive the full package without needing a follow-up email from me.
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+Gaming and BS​ talks Focal Point with +Phil Vecchione​, one of the authors of the book.

Preorders for Focal Point run through July 31, and get you the PDF right away:
Dealing Double Damage

This week we launch our regularly scheduled program AND a Bonus BS episode 005 featuring +Phil Vecchione  Don't miss this one as there is a surprise round done on +Brett B and +Sean P Kelley  and then all hell breaks loose. Phil comes on to talk about +Engine Publishing 's Focal Point: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions check that out:

#rpgpodcast   #podcast  
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