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5 Tips To Help When Your College Graduate Decides To Move Back Home
Today, college graduates are facing several
factors that make coming back to the nest an ideal option; including
unprecedented student loan debt, job unavailability and sky-high rents. And for the first time in modern history, living with parents is the mos...

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4 Tips To Sleep Better During Allergy Season
Spring is the season of
renewal. Plants and trees start to rebound from the harsh winter that claimed
most of their leaves and vegetation. Birds return from their Southern
vacations, serenade us with their morning songs and rebuild their nests in

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Mark Your Calendar: Dino Dana Available This Friday, May 26
This brand-new “dino-powered” Amazon Original Kids series, Dino
Dana , will debut on Prime Video this Friday, May 26, in the U.S. and
U.K.!  A
follow-up to the 2015 Emmy Award-winning series  Dino Dan: Trek’s
Adventures ,  Dino Dana  takes preschoolers on a...

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5 Tips To Using The Cloud To Be More Efficient
Cloud computing in simplest terms is a type of internet-based computing that stores and allows access to any data programs over the internet instead of your hard drive. Almost all applications today are done by cloud computing like social media, email, and ...

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Introducing Delectables™, the First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs
SECAUCUS, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2017) - The Hartz Mountain Corporation introduces Delectables™ , the first lickable stew treat for dogs, available at Walmart, and select retailers around the country."Delectables Stew Lickable Treats for dog...

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A Step By Step Approach To Learning Magic Tricks That Will Leave Them Mystified
  Magic Tricks with Coins,Cards and Everyday Objects by Jake Banfield Author: Jake Banfield Format: Juvenile - Hardcover, 120 Pages ISBN: 9781682971512 / $14.95 Imprint: QEB Publishing Published: Jul. 1, 2017 Age Range: 7-11 years This book will help you le...

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Summer Vacation Is Coming; Keep The Kids On Track
FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL Summer vacation: no school, no schedules, sunscreen, rocket pops,
and bug spray. The reality is that many families don't see summer as wid...

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Kate and Mim-Mim Spring Giveaway #TwirlAway #KateAndMimMim
There are so many mim-mazing things happening for preschoolers this season with Kate, Mim-Mim and the whole Mimiloo gang! To celebrate spring’s arrival and help make it even more magical – and imagination-inspiring I wanted to point out two new books featur...

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Moving Home With Home Movers.
I am sure we all have experienced moving home at least once in our
lifetime. Moving home can be very simple when you are a single. I remembered the
time when I had to move to the city for my first job with just a luggage filled
with my personal belongings. ...
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