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The E-Space Trilogy: Spotlight on "State of Decay"
Who doesn't like a good vampire story? A castle apon a hilltop, a nearby village with terrified peasants and a traveller who arrives from a far off land and ends up slaying the vampire. The usual description of an a-typical vampire story already sounds like...

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Meglos On the outside Meglos seems like a bit of a setback after the Movie-stylings of The Leisure Hive but take a deeper look and it's actually a more old fashioned Doctor Who Story.Considering that the Villain of the story is a talking cacti, hell bent on...

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The Leisure Hive: Reptile gangsters and a holiday for The Doctor and Romana
When I first saw The Leisure Hive it was a bit of a shock that the opening title sequence for Doctor Who was different, even the theme tune had been given a shake up, but you could still tell that it was the Doctor Who theme tune. That was and still is my o...

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The Horns of Nimon
The Horns of Nimon The Horns of Nimon was the last Doctor Who story to be
script edited by Douglas Adams, and the last to be produced by Graham Williams.
It’s a shame that given that the first two seasons of Doctor Who that Graham
Williams had produced had ...

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Nightmare of Eden
Nightmare of Eden I remember really enjoying "Nightmare of Eden" the
first time I saw it, but you can’t help but see where in certain sequences
the production of Nightmare of Eden could have been a lot better. The first thing that
stands out are the spacesh...
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