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Just got my 3d printed laser tube adjustable support brackets, after looking for over 12 months for something like these i almost wish my tube would blow so i can start using them.Not going to stuff around with current tube as it is aligned good and i do not stuff with things that are working ok unless it is preventive maintance.....

My k50 or sh 350 laser stopped firing,I still have my trusty k40 and will sit the k40 on top of the other laser cutter and wire up the 50 watt tube to the k50 to test if it fires ,if it does the powe're supply is faulty on the k50.has anyone wired a k40 40 watt power supply up to a k 50 50 watt machine?
. If it does not fire will wire up the k50 power supply to the 40 watt k40 laser tube,then if it doesn't fire it is something else .
I suspect the power supply as water temp and flow where ok and it just stopped firing 1/2 way through a small etching job
the last time tube was faulty I just lost most cutting power slowly over 3 days and not straight up,checked tube for cracks and seams ok . Try ed test button power supply and did not fire,amp meter i showing 0 ma, can not here any arcing 

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Suddenly lost most of my cutting power a week ago ,First time cutting at night in winter down here in Australia, suspect ed moisture forming on lens and mirrors as didn't have heating on and room temp was very low , now if it dew poin gets near temp in room I can monitor it on my new meter ..I miss my k40 having upgraded to a sh 350 or as some call it k50.

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just brought a second hand 50 w 500mm x 300mm laser cutter that i need the driver for corel draw and a manual,can anyone help 

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Anyone know to make letters only 0.001mm thick in corel draw .at present when i cut a 3ma and 11mm sec the laser cuts around outside of letter ,iIjust want 1 line 

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new Knife cutting bed- Magnetic
was using a pin bed for ages until i needed to cut small stuff so i made up a knife laser bed using hack saw blades ,fencing wire and clear plastic tube ,cost $20 and 15 minutes to make.Works better than i thought it would with no burn marks or glue on back of cut stuff.Also as made of steel magnets will stick to it>magnets also hold knife bed to old cutting table ,allowing very easy removal and cleaning
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here is my pin bed table (magnets with screws on top) ,next is a bead made up of 300mm hacksaw blades 30 peaces a sort of knife bed>honeycombe beds look good but worried about all the gunk that comes of mdf ,phots are of pin bed only 10 hours after cleaning in just hot water(5 min job)

anyone used nesting software with their k40

what wooden stuff are people in Australia laser cutting and where do you get supplies from? as i have only ever cut 3mm mdf 

Adjustable laser tube mounts .Any one found any of these that fit into a k40

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