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Minecraft Servers List - find YOUR world
Minecraft Servers List - find YOUR world

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Now we start to support bbcode in servers descriptions. Limited subset for the first time, but we sure we have all you need: links,images,lists, text decorations.

And many other minor bugfixes

Little news: today we launch new version of  algorithm of sorting.

Now servers which community speaks same language with you will be on the first place, servers with english speaking community - on the second and on the last positions will be unknown-language servers (of course if YOUR language is not english). 

So if you came from France - you can play french servers, if you speak Spanish - you also find servers with people speaking with you on the same language.

So if you have server with China's community - dont forget about right description of your server.

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Little news:
1)We launched one more agent to track server state. Now we have two: one in Europe (France) and one in North America (Canada). We hope to launch one more in Asia soon.
2)Reinvent of "Quarantine" : now you can start filling servers's description,  attach screenshots and banners immediately after it has been added . Dont need to wait.
3)Also you dont need prove your ownership. If server does not exist in our listing - it appears in your account without additional operations.

Stay with us. New cool features soon.

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Most attentive already noticed that .... Now you can upload screenshots with views of your server. And they will be displayed on the server's page . 
Show your server to potential players from the best side. After all, a second chance may not be.

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New features: now you can upload static or animated image banner to make your server more attractive in list.
Hurry up!!!

New features coming soon

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1.8? or 1.7.10? or 1.7.5?  
familiar feeling? When you need to choose only one version. But your server supports multi versions.
Now you dont need to choose - select them all and list your server in all versions it supports.

Due to of shameful bug in last release it was impossible to describe servers and set used languages.
Remember what server's description helps you to attract more players. So dont forget to describe your server ASAP

Little  bugfix: Servers using LilyPad (Instead bungeecord) now works fine:

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For successful development of any server is very important to create an active community around it. Nowadays it is almost impossible to achieve without communication with the players in social networks. Unlike other server lists, we understand the importance of this and to help we added two new features:
1) Now in the server settings, you can specify a link to your site, facebook, twitter, Google+ and even on youtube.

2) On the server now displays the widget social network with the latest news. Currently supported Facebook and Twitter.

How it looks like? - see the attached photos.

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So we start on google+
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