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I'm stunned and amazed.  Thanks for sharing.
Perspective: Africa is bigger than:


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Unfortunately, the USA lacks credibility throughout the region because it has backed a long list of thugs, usually because we felt “business-as-usual” was more important than standing on principle.
How or why would anyone, of any political persuasion, look to us for guidance.  They all look to us for guns and ammo and little else!

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A romantic but accurate quote from the article: “Marriage is one of those institutions — along with religion and military service — that restricts freedom.”

The restriction of freedom implies rigor and self-discipline, both woefully lacking in modern America.

Unearned freedom will be the downfall of our society.  Quoting Pogo: “We have seen the enemy and it is us”.

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Whether you agree with Andrew J. Bacevich or not, you really can’t afford not to listen to him and read what he has to say.

He is first and foremost a patriot in the purest sense.  What he has to say is brutally honest, honed from personal experience and extremely important to understand.  We can’t learn from history, from our mistakes, if we don’t understand that history.  Prof. Bacevich helps me gain that understanding.

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How can we possibly value Social Security more than children’s future well-being?

How can we possibly demand Medicare benefits have priority over children’s education?

How can we possibly care more for gun rights than children’s security?

How can we possibly place more value on bridge construction than children’s futures?

Amazingly simple, frankly!

Have the Country run by selfish old people who are more concerned with their short term needs rather than the greater good.

Then have those people represented in Government by like-minded people who really just want to be re-elected.

The lasting legacy of the ‘Greatest Generation’ is that they raised self-indulgent, greedy children who lived beyond their means, ran up bills they never intended to pay and are quite content mortgaging their children’s and grand children’s future.

The first financial calamity cause by these self-indulgent boobs was the so-called Dot-Com bust.

The second financial calamity cause by their excesses was the so-called housing bust.

The bust of the current generation’s children’s futures will make both pale by comparison.

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I would suggest that these “speeches” be restricted to only listing accomplishments that can be documented.

The rebuttal would be from Congress not from the opposing Party and would likewise be restricted to accomplishments which can be documented.  These rebuttals would quite likely be extremely short.

Neither the President nor Congress could list “re-election” as an accomplishment.

Accomplishments would be defined as being a benefit to the entire Nation not just benefits for campaign contributors and/or special interests.

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One can only pray that the final immigration bill will be an enlightened one with the focus on the future.  I hope it contains a progressive program to encourage and facilitate immigration for the “best & brightest” from around the globe.

We need to do everything humanly possible to educate and then keep highly trained young people here in the United States.  We have always been a Nation of emigrants and all-the-better for it (my apologies to Native Americans who quite likely feel differently!).

If there is truly an unlimited resource it has to be human potential.  We need to leverage our capacity to develop and channel this potential.  We pay dearly for our education facilities both private and public.  We need to ensure we reap the rewards from doing so.

We need more ambitious, educated, hard working, honorable citizens regardless of the source, by all means possible.  Everybody wins and Democracy is the victor.

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