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Konzeption, Grafikdesign und Umsetzung von CMS und Onlineshops. Mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung! Contao & Wordpress, Magento & Oxid.
Konzeption, Grafikdesign und Umsetzung von CMS und Onlineshops. Mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung! Contao & Wordpress, Magento & Oxid.


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Wir suchen einen freien Mitarbeiter (m/w) im Bereich Frontend-Entwicklung für ein dauerhaftes Stundenkontingent. Da wir an kurzen Wegen interessiert sind, suchen wir eine Zusammenarbeit innerhalb Leipzigs. Bei Interesse einfach mailen an!

Adaptive Website vs. Responsive Website Es gibt verschiedene Ansätze eine Website mit Hilfe von Media Queries für verschiedene Displaygrößen zu optimieren. Einmal steht das Ausgabegerät im Vordergrund, einmal das Design bzw. die Information. Ich möchte erklären was der Unterschied zwischen einer Responsive Website und einer Adaptive Website ist, welche Vor- und Nachteile die Varianten haben und in welcher Form der Layouttyp wichtig ist. [...]

display: none; | Laura Kalbag Or: The things you think are common knowledge but really they aren’t. [...]

The Whens and Whys for PHP Design Patterns […] in this article, we will more discuss the when and why, rather than the which and how. I’ll present different situations and use-cases for patterns, and will also provide short definitions to help those of you who are not so familiar with these specific patterns. […]

Best of Tuts in October 2012 Each month, we bring together a selection of the best tutorials and articles from across the whole Tuts network. Whether you’d like to read the top posts from your favourite site, or would like to start learning something completely new, this is the best place to start! [...]

21 Colorful Web Designs to Inspire You [...] for today, we gathered a collection of websites that incorporate plenty of color in their designs. In these examples, you’ll see that color can instantly bring life to a design. [...]

Best practices for navigation on the mobile web [...] mobile site navigation is even more crucial than navigation on a traditional website. Understanding the questions and needs of the typical site visitor, the limitations of their device, and what will frustrate them, is crucial for effective navigation design on a mobile site. [...]

Making the right typographic choices […] your typographic choices are one of the most essential aspects of your design, regardless of how much or how little textual information you are actually displaying. The wrong typographic choice can leave your design not only lacking and just plain boring, but it can also deliver the wrong idea to viewers. To aid you in your future design projects, here are a few things to consider when choosing typography that will help improve your designs in the long run. […]

UICloud: Brand-New Free Resource Covers More Than 25.000 UI Elements UICloud is a fresh project. Launched in July 2012 it already provides over 25.000 UI Elements in over 1.000 UI sets. …
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