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Mark The Tech Guy Reviews Scoop Excavator. New Update Available in the Appstore.

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Sooo... +Cali Lewis is taller than all but three of these leading Hollywood men.

I'd like to set up some cage matches.  Do you think any of them could take her?  I'm guessing probably Statham.  Maybe Cruise.  Clooney?  He seems like he'd cry like a baby if you punched him in the face.

What do you think?

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I'm giving away 5 FREE Powerbags!

Oh, have I got a fun little giveaway for you guys today! Our friends over at +Powerbag, who make some of the coolest backpacks on Earth, have given me 5 Powerbags (worth up to $179 each!) to just give away however I want! So, you KNOW I'm going to give them to you guys on Google+!

Here is all you need to do to win:
1) Have you got me in one of your Circles? SUPER! Step 1 complete!
2) You've gotta Publicly SHARE this post.

That's It! Simple, huh?

Ok, some of you know that I often give you a second chance to enter to win, so here it is - make sure and circle +Powerbag, and you've got an additional entry! :-) God, this contest is just too easy… And I'll announce the winners on Monday!

EDIT: Holy Jeepers Batman - a THIRD chance to win! +Cali Lewis has ANOTHER 5 FREE Powerbags to give away! See her post here:

BTW, if you don't know what a Powerbag is yet, watch this video and you'll see exactly why you're gonna want one of these bad boys:

And if you DO win, you'll get to head over to and choose your favorite bag and they'll send it to you anywhere in the Universe! Actually, I lied. You must have a shipping address in the US or Canada.

If you don't win, you can always use the super secret 15% off discount code "geekbeat" at checkout. It'll also get you free shipping!

PS - Powerbag hasn't paid us a single cent! We love their products and we just think its great that they love US enough to let us give away some of their gear, and share a discount with our community.

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Dear Mafia Wars's Mafia : I don't play Mafia Wars anymore so please remove me from your Friends (mafia)'s List Thank You 

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Beauty of Pakistan (54 photos)
54 Photos - View album

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show solidarity to get SOPA overturned...


Simply right mouse on this image and save to desktop...


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Ok, I'm giving away an Oniss watch and case

How to win in two steps:

Step 1 - Put me in a Circle
Step 2 - Publicly SHARE this post.

That's it! You're entered to win, and I'll ship it to you anywhere

Random drawing is on January 1st

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