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Christi Nielsen
Artist. I tried to contain myself, but I escaped.
Artist. I tried to contain myself, but I escaped.


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Hey LA friends: The opening reception is Saturday, but the show is up for tonight's Artwalk. You all should do a Downtown Photowalk for old time's sake. ;-) If you decide to go, let me know and do a live stream! Miss you all!


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My student is calling for art that captures how a musician/band/lyric makes you feel. Wanna play?

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One of my students is doing a project called Dear Future Daughter. She's looking for people to submit. You can write, record, draw, photograph, etc.
She's still working on the site, but check it out here.

If you'd like to participate, you simply create your message in the medium of your choice, and email it to her at

Many thanks!

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It seems some of my students are working on projects during Spring Break. tsk, tsk. ;-)

Can you help them out by completing their anonymous poll? It's about first dates!

Thanks much!

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Love coffee? Love to cook? Want to experiment with some new recipes made with coffee? You have about 1.5 hours left to get in on Jerry James Stone's latest cookbook on Kickstarter!

Yes, you'll find yummy desserts, but this goes beyond that. There are many savory dishes such as mushroom risotto, lamb chops, etc. They're using coffee as a spice.

Why am I plugging this?
1- Because Jerry is awesome
2- Because I have his first cookbook which is lots of fun with great recipes
3- Because I want this Kickstarter to succeed because I want eeeeeeet! =D
Check it out!

Friends, we raised over $1K in a day. So close to making my next cookbook happen! Can you support us even more?

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Dear 20 and 30 year olds: There shall come a day in your late 40s when you accept the fact that a mild urge to pee on the way home will morph itself into a rendition of Hammer Time the second you step outside the car and try to make it inside before the flood gates open and the parted sea is closed.

You will realize at this moment… “Ohhhhh. THAT’s what the Kegels were for." Don’t skip the Kegels, ladies.

P.S. That might have been a bit much, but I feel the sass returning. And I love her.

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A house I shot this summer. Yes, please.

I feel like this epitomizes the weather in North Texas this time of year. It's like getting a tiny little dose of California. But only for a few weeks. :)

When life gives me lemons, I caramelize onions.

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This weekend was the last shoot for this house. I've been shooting it all year, as certain parts of the house were finished. Only 1.8 million dollars in renovations. Great day.

This is what it looked like last night at dusk. I suppose I could be forced to live here. But then, the mosquitos came. O M G Thousands of them. If you turn around from this view, you see the lake. Eeeeeek! There are misters all over the place that come on periodically to shoo the mosquitos. Uh huh. No workie, people. :P
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