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In light of the news of the split, I thought I'd make sure we're connected on FB. I'm not getting all doomsday on you, but it made me stop and think. I'd hate to lose my connections with you fabuloso people. So... just in case. :)
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I'm deliberately avoiding facebook.... o.O'
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Christi Nielsen

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People! Stop driving on the streets! Don't you know that you're ruining the Winter Wonderland images for the photographers?!?!?
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No kidding!
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Christi Nielsen

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I love this by +Ardith Goodwin!
The Knowing
For years I moved through life with a knowing that I was meant for greater things. Not in a famous way, but in a way that my gifts were important and I was meant to be of service to others. Despite that knowing I struggled with my insignificance. No matter what positive things happened in my world, there was always a voice that said, "I am not significant." 

Today, I stand as testament that the voice that spoke was a lie, every whisper, every thought that put an arrow in my heart, every single time. Every one of us is meant for greater things. We are meant to know our significance, embrace it, and use it to send out love and guidance into the world. My faith was a huge part of shifting that voice for me and I am grateful that I no longer live with a mask very grateful. "The Knowing" 12" by 18" acrylic on paper (unframed)
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"So much more than meets the eye..." Seether Lyrics
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Christi Nielsen

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Lizard Lounge

My cat becomes obsessed with something on the stairs and starts making that crazy sound they make when they're after something. I finally see her paw something and realize it’s a gecko. It’s trying to get away, but not very fast, so I finish what I’m doing before deciding how to catch the thing. No, that was not me becoming rational about things like this in my house. That was me not wanting to deal with it and hoping it would fly out the window, not that any windows would be open because, well, bugs and things.  

By the time I get there, both the thing and the cat are at the bottom of the stairs, and I have yet to fully realize that it was half way up the stairs on its way to my bedroom! I call it a thing because the closer I get, it does not look like a gecko, but rather some strange triangle looking tadpole. I have an alien in my house. 

It’s a tail! With a brain! The tail is trying to run away from the cat! I can see where it’s been freshly amputated! Before I dissolve into a mouse running in circles (what to do? what to do? what to do?), my brain says, “Glass!” I run to the kitchen, grab a glass, run back to the living room, and imprison the thing. Yay me! Now what? I proceed to find something flat and thin to slide under the glass so I can move and dispose of it. Uh huh. I’m feeling pretty smart about now. 

There is no way I will survive an incident where the thing-tail actually touches me, so it takes me at least five minutes to figure out how to now pick up the glass with the paper underneath. I carefully start pulling up and folding the paper all around the glass, as if I’m doing my best Christmas wrapping ever. My hand cannot possibly be on the bottom to hold the paper in place because I might feel the movement from the thing-tail. I strategically place fingers to hold all the perfect folds in place, take a breath, and we have lift off. Quickly, quickly, carefully, quickly I climb the stairs and we arrive at the porcelain palace. I am so proud as I flush, then immediately regret it. Not only do I have to look for spiders, but now I have to worry about the alien thing-tail swimming back up for air at the most inopportune time.

As I go back down to the kitchen and contemplate if I even want to keep said glass, I realize that this is far from over. There is an owner of thing-tail, and at one point he was halfway up the stairs. I feel myself slipping into denial as I go back upstairs to finish getting ready, but the idea that darkness will come at some point makes me go back. The cat is pawing at something on the fireplace. Rejoice! It is downstairs! I resign to lose two glasses today. 

By now it’s hiding under my bags of lighting equipment, and I have a flash of horror. Please let them be zipped shut! What to do? What to do? What to do? Quick as a flash, I move the bags and slam down the glass. Big, huge sigh of relief. Even though I previously worked out the “slide something underneath” problem, now we’re on carpet, and alien-owner is much bigger than the thing-tail. With the cat threatening to knock over the glass and release the prisoner, I must think quickly. I start sliding the glass across the carpet, keeping alien-owner inside, except for the few times his feet poked out. Eeeeeeek! 

Back on the tile floor, I’m ready to reenact Operation Christmas Wrapping, but it’s much harder because he’s bigger and weighs more. I start slipping into mouse mode, but I plow through. I know that the porcelain palace would shut down forever if I flush, and it suddenly occurs to me that freedom would be the best gift. And look! It’s already wrapped! 

I take the biggest breath yet, open the door, and toss him into the yard. 

Welcome to my world.
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+Christi Nielsen No comment! :P
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Christi Nielsen

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+Rob Patterson is one of my favorite people ever! He lives life to the fullest and is such an inspiration to me. I love this image of him and his dog out for a walk. For a while there, I didn't believe Rob lived indoors. LOL Kidding.
The clouds moved off just as the sun was going down!! Cleo and I had a happy walk at the end of the day. I took this to prove it!! :D
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Cilla C
I just circled. I love nature enthusiasts.
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Christi Nielsen

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I think I'll give the syllabus a makeover next semester.

Instead of: 
January 28 
Bring camera and manual 
In-class shoot
Lighting Workshop

How about:
January 28 
bring ur cam
take pics
lights, yo

Do you think they'll read it then?

photo credit:
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Christi Nielsen

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Fly Girl

If I’m writing a story, you should already know what it’s about. 

I’m minding my own business, talking on the phone, probably solving all the world’s problems except my own. I think I see a black blur. Maybe I’m just imagining things. I doubt it. There it is again! The hair rises on the back of my neck as I realize something is flying around inside the house. 

It flies by me at close range, and I scream the kind of scream that would land me the lead role in a horror flick. Completely unaware of the busted ear drum on the other end of the call, I bolt downstairs to fetch the bug spray from the kitchen. 

I make mindless conversation as I nervously stand and wait for it to come at me again. I see it!! It’s darting everywhere so fast that I can’t even make out what it is! But it’s a bug! And it’s flying! Fast! Every now and then it blows by me like Maverick doing a fly by. It’s taunting me!!! I told you they chase me.

I’m completely freaked out by this time, and have probably let loose at least half a dozen bloodcurdling screams. I’m now just spraying poison at random. Everywhere, anywhere. My phone companion is now laughing hysterically at me, but I can’t hang up because I need their support. Do you really expect me to deal with this on my own?

Poison, random poison. Just spraying. I see it fly upstairs. OMG it’s in my office! What to do? What to do? I somehow get the nerve to run up the stairs and wait for it to come out of that room. It flies right at my face. I spray, spray, spray right in front of my face, screaming bloody murder! 

I got it! It’s now squirming around on the floor. I’m laughing and celebrating with my phone person, well mostly coughing because I sucked in a bunch of poison while screaming and spraying.

I dare not waste a second, lest the little monster escapes. Shoe! I need a shoe! I grab my weapon and look down in triumph to see my catch before whacking it. 

It’s a fly.

But it’s a big fly! You know, one of those big ones that bite. Uh huh.

Now I have to pick it up. I lost count of how many times I folded the paper towel in order to create an acceptable amount of thickness between the fly and my fingers. I know it’s not going to hurt me, but eeeeew. I trot (running might make me drop the thing) to the toilet, sounding like I might hyperventilate the entire time. Swoosh! Big. Huge. Sigh.

Walking back to the kitchen to return the bug spray to its proper and easily found spot (no, I did not use up the entire can on one bug - this is progress, people.), I realize the carpet is wet with poison, which is not okay for the kitty paws. So now I grab all the towels in the house and lay them on the floor, from the living room downstairs, all the way up the stairs, and into the office. 

I now have this hoarse/I had an asthma attack feeling in my throat and lungs. I’m not sure if it’s from all the screaming or from sucking in poison. 

It was a BIG fly.

I resume my conversation. You didn’t think I hung up, did you?
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I'm quick +trav whitmer! ;-)
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Christi Nielsen

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I am in love with Exposure 7 for the polaroids alone!

I just discovered this today by watching +Sue Bryce on +CreativeLive. It's from +Alien Skin Software. I think I'm inspired again.

 An old shot I was playing around with...
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Christi Nielsen

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Check this out! So cool! I love all the layers and layers of thought behind it.

h/t +Frédérick Beaupré
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Christi Nielsen

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Love this by +Tommy Ingberg!
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Christi Nielsen

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I did this real estate shoot a couple of weeks ago. I loved this house! I could just move right in, except for that pesky little thing called money. ;-)
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The was built perfectly, I wish that its mine. Nice shoot Christi!
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Christi Nielsen

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Just in case you think I never shoot anyone but me! :P

This is Ella, a girl who worked with me at the local theatre. You may remember an image I posted a while back that looked very much like The Girl With the Pearl Earring. This is another one from that little test shoot. I needed someone to stand in while I tested the light. She was the intern, so she was volunteered. She doesn't like to have her picture taken and has never modeled. Seriously. 
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+Jim Tipping I'm sticking with voodoo. ;-)
Thanks +Yvette van Teeffelen and +Bobby Frye!
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Artist. I tried to contain myself, but I escaped.
  • I'm an artist working mostly with digital (photography, video, etc), but I'm known to paint on occasion (when I want to throw the computer out the window).
  • More formally...  Christi Nielsen is a multimedia artist who works with photography, video, and new media. Her work using mobile devices was shown at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Contemporary, and at the George Pompidou Centre in Paris. Nielsen directed inter.sect Art Collective, a group of artists exploring new media and digital exhibition spaces. 
  • I teach photography at the University of Texas at Dallas.
  • I shoot fine art that deals with social commentary, but I also shoot interiors/real estate and travel.
  • And then there's sass. Gotta have that. I decided there is only so much crazy I can take before I have to start blogging about it. Delusions of Grandeur
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