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Prestige Vision Center
Prestige Vision Center Features Glasses in Edmonton, AB T6H 4J8
Prestige Vision Center Features Glasses in Edmonton, AB T6H 4J8
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Prestige Vision Center proudly serves all of Edmonton, AB, providing Contact Lenses, Prescription Sunglasses, Eye Prescriptions, and Eye Care.
Call us today at #(587) 410-6838

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Fun fact! Sharks are color blind, but they can see in the dark ten times better than humans!

Fun fact! Because you have more rods on the periphery of your retina, your peripheral vision is more sensitive to movement in the dark than the rest of your eye. Anyone who's ever narrowly missed hitting an animal has this peripheral vision to thank!

Fun fact! Around 2% of women have a genetic mutation that causes extra cone shaped cells in the eyes, allowing them have color vision ten times more sensitive than normal.

Fun fact! Different cells in your eyes see different colors. The cells in charge of the color blue are the least numerous but the most perceptive.

Fun fact! There are different cells in your eyes in charge of vision low light and day light. Rod shaped cells see in low light and cone shaped cells see in full light.

Fun fact! The saying "the eyes are the window to your soul" is commonly attributed to Shakespeare, but that line does not appear in any of his published writing.

Fun fact! Current estimates say 65% of people have brown eyes.

Fun fact! The darker your eye color, the faster your reflexes. Melanin, which determines eye color, also acts as an insulator for electrical impulses to the brain, so the more melanin in your eyes, the faster your brain receives visual input.

Fun fact! A study at Charles University in the Czech Republic found that people with brown eyes are more likely to be considered trustworthy than people with blue eyes. 
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