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Scott Saliency
Scott's Economics, Political Philosophy, and Technology Links.
Scott's Economics, Political Philosophy, and Technology Links.

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I upgraded to .9

I love the new look.  Great job.

Stupid question.  

I am on 1.7.8.  Should I upgrade to 1.7.9 before 1.8 comes out or should I be fine going from 1.7.8 to 1.8?

Woot! just transfered 2000+ links from my tumblr account to ttrss!  Next step make myself a new G+ profile icon :P

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Hi you might want to add to the wiki that articles shared with the "Share on ttRSS" browser bar button are archived.  It makes perfect sense but had me scratching my head for a bit.

I upgraded an notice my labels went away from the special list.  I still can label thing and they still show up on the article; just the folder is gone.  Is this by design or something I missed in the upgrade.  

Question about Labels: Why do they by default include any article that has the label word in them?

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+Adam Gurri Sadly Google Reader looks to be the only RSS reader that will consume this as RSS :( You really should have your links sent to tumblr or some globally exposed service. 

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I just installed ttRSS.  Great product. +Andrew Dolgov I'm a fan.

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