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Adam Tilt
Blogger, birder, wildlife photographer.
Blogger, birder, wildlife photographer.

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Butterflies of Bryn Lliw Grasslands
Remember when I wrote that we'd only ever seen Marbled White's in England prior to our discovery at Whiteford? Lies all lies. Due to what I can only blame on old age it had completely slipped my mind that last year we'd stumbled across loads of the things l...

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#Walk1000Miles - Six Month Update
As promised it's time to take stock and see where six months of walking has gotten us. Will we still be on track for our year long target of 1,000 miles or will we find ourselves suddenly requiring a few marathon distances to catch up. The only way to know ...

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Juvenile Skylark and a Meadow Pipit
It's not escaped my notice that there has been a slight dearth of bird photos on this blog of late. Trust me, it's not for want of trying but we're currently in that time of year which we birders like to refer to as "the doldrums". The fact is that in gener...

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Bird Skulls
It's part of our innate human nature to want to collect and hoard. How many of us for instance have walked a beach's high tide line searching for interestingly shaped pieces of driftwood? At what age did you bring home that first cherished shell from your s...

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#30DaysWild - Some Final Thoughts
Before delving head first into the second half of 2017 I wanted to take a moment to reflect on #30DaysWild, its impact and what lessons, if any, I can take forwards. That might sound a little corny and far too close to the “finding myself” mantra spouted fr...

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Another Glorious Sunset
What a gorgeous evening. I had no real plans for tonight but seeing that a decent sunset might be on the cards it would have been rude not to take advantage. Ambling up into the hills the distinctive sweet smell of Bracken was all prevailing, its foliage no...

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Bonxie - #30DaysWild
If you blinked then you may have missed it but that was June and this is the end of #30DaysWild. I'll gather my thoughts on the experience over the weekend but as a fitting tribute to what's been a fantastic month we thought we'd end where it all began, wit...

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The Burnet Motherload - #30DaysWild
South Wales seems to be having a good run of rare birds at present though, with the exception of last weekends trio of Spoonbills , we've been unable to see them thanks to work and other commitments. The latest arrival in this mini-influx was reported late ...

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Spoonbill Trinity - #30DaysWild
After our Dolphin Day exploits it’s fair to say that energy levels were a little lacking on Sunday. It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months here and what I really wanted to do was just crash in front of the TV and chill. At least that’s what I thought...

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Sea Trust Stena Dolphin Day - #30DaysWild
I promised something a little more exciting for day twenty four of #30DaysWild and, despite regretting hitting publish on that sentence almost immediately, I hope you'll agree that we've managed to deliver in style. It all began a little after midday way ou...
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