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Skypeak Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
SkyPeak Technologies. Top web development and design company in india.
SkyPeak Technologies. Top web development and design company in india.


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Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 4 in India on October 14
Samsung is going to launch its most awaited Galaxy Note 4 on October 14. It has lot of new specification over Note 3 which includes HD 5.7 display, 16MP camera, Snapdragon 805 chip and much more. Features: Quad HD Super AMOLED Display The precise color satu...

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Amazon’s Launches Its Fire HD 7 Low-Priced Tablet For The Reader
Amazon launches its new and low price Fire HD 7 tablet in
the market. This tablet is mainly designed for E-readers. This tablet has beautiful
7" HD display, 2x faster quad-core processer, dual speakers with Dolby
Audio, and unsurpassed reliability in its cl...

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HTC Just Launched A Flip Camera For Smartphone
HTC is launching a camera “RE”. The RE is like any camera,
except it’s shaped like a little tube and it doesn’t have a screen on the back.
So it’s like a camera from the nineties, but it also has no off switch and only
a large silver button to control both ...

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Whats are the features in new apple watch
As apple says  “All watches
tell time, But this one helps you make the most of it”. This is
true this new watch from apple have lot of features.  The display of this watch is protected by
sapphire crystal. And there’s a choice of three different leather ban...

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Microsoft Announces Its New Windows 10 Operating System
Microsoft announces the first details of Windows 10 by disclosing its start menu. The Windows 10 run on a wide range of devices, from phones and tablets to PCs and Xbox games consoles. This first preview will be available for laptops and desktops. A build

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Google Glass app can read emotions, reveal age
What if an app can reveal what the person you are in a conversation with is thinking? This Google Glass  a soon to be launched smart eye-wear — app not only does that for you but can also tell the person's age!

The emotion recognition software analyses the...

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Sky Peak Web Technology is one of the best  and leading web designing and development company in Nagpur. Skypeak web technology is proud to provide great services +by 24*7. Our web design services include  Ecommerce websites, online shopping websites, personal websites, CMS websites, etc.

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Google is building the world's fastest computer
The internet search company announced a new partnership with researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara to develop "quantum computing" technology.
The science behind quantum computing is highly technical and still very theoretical. In simple ...
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