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Sharon Marie
Growing a family, and encountering joy in the unexpected...
Growing a family, and encountering joy in the unexpected...

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Feeding the Flicker
I was all set to go. I'm sure I've lost my original train of thought, but here's hoping for a new one. Because despite the deep and eerie quiet of the house and the desperate loneliness that prompted me to explore an old and nearly forgotten desire once aga...

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A Tale of Januarys 23
Seven years ago, on January 23rd, I met a sweet young man for dinner in an Irish pub in DC. We'd been chatting online for a few weeks previous, but this was our first "in person," and the rest- as they say- is history. We hardly had the chance to mark it as...

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Meeting Maddie
On the eve of a fortnight since my newest and smallest child was born, I find myself finally sitting before this once-(more) familiar screen again. In small part, trying to fill the profound space and quiet left behind in the absence of my two oldest- who a...

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Mobility, Motivation, and Mia
It's Sunday, and a day in which I would have been frantically trying to put together a Mobile Moments post, were I actually mobile enough to keep up with my kids lately, armed with a camera phone or no. Sadly, I still spend much more time than I would like ...

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34 Weeks
On Saturday, I officially clocked in 34 weeks with this pregnancy. It was a moment of victory for my obstetrician, I am sure, who has been fretting about all of the pre-term contractions and early dilation for some time now. For me, it is a bag of very mixe...

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Little Faces
My oldest two have been back for a few days now, after spending eight away in New Jersey with my husband's parents. Though we worried about how they would react to being away so long (we initially had commitment to the length of the stay and planned to play...

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The Hardest Part
I thought that first new blog post of a couple of days ago would be the hardest one. It seemed, at the time, that I need only put myself back in that old spot and somehow the urge would reawaken naturally; a new rhythm would begin. Odd that I would have suc...

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No Time for Excuses
I have spent all morning building up to opening this page- the one on Blogger where I select "create new post" and actually start writing. It feels strange to be back here again, strange and scary. Because I got to the place, finally, where I had always fea...

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Mobile Moments, Back Again
I'm dipping in my big toe again. This time, with less trepidation. After surviving a horrific year last year, it seems more and more that this new one has dawned full of promise. Wonderful things are happening around me, and through them I am finding hope a...

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Only Time
I've got that Enya song stuck in my head as I sit here, nearly two months since the last day I published, to try and start again. Many things have kept me from this spot: Pain, stress, distraction, and a general lack of motivation due to a combination of th...
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