Cowgirl App! Hangout on Air with Niantic Labs on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watch LIVE on Tuesday from the Event, talk to us, share your Ingress stories, and reasons why you want to play on the Event (linked below) for a chance to win an Ingress invite. RSVP "Yes" to the Event, comment and share your Ingress inspired artwork during the Hangout here:

We're going to be talking Ingress with +Niantic Project 's +Brandon Badger , +Brian Rose and +Anne Beuttenmüller .

Joining us will be players +Valerie Wallace +Linda Besh +Mara Mascaro +Amanda Blain and +Stefan Hoth 

The Hangout will hosted by +Samantha Villenave and +Pamela Poole of +Cowgirl App! (And of course, Sam's an Ingress addict player too!)

Oh, and What's Cowgirl App!? I'm glad you asked. Cowgirl App! is the app review site that doesn't smell like Doritos and armpits. Tech is real life, so Cowgirl Up!

#ingress   #ingresshangout   #nianticproject   #nianticlabs   #cowgirlapp  

Oh!! And a very special thank you to +Cédric VILLENAVE for this lovely promo video.
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