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Trudy Conway
I blog. I live. I laugh. (Mostly)
I blog. I live. I laugh. (Mostly)

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And... this is why I haven't been posting any pics of my new town.

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Not the way to solve things! What is happening to us?
Congressional Shooter Loved Bernie Sanders, Hated 'Racist & Sexist' Republicans

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Not just liars, these folk, but really bad liars.

Jeff Sessions' explanation for firing Comey just doesn't make sense

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Ah... packing for the trip. Passing along some tips and taps about making traveling easier...

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I'm terrified (and always have been) of flying. Please put up some prayers for my Thursday flight.

Starting over. Starting in a new place. Pushing the Reset button on my life.

#inyourprayers and #inhishands 

Was just having a discussion with a friend and we have the same thing on our minds:

1. We should be focusing as much on Russia's interference as we are with just #Trump and #Russia. If Russia did (if) get to Trump (or not), who else did they get to - that we aren't aware of?

2. What else is going on while we are all so focused on the Russia thing?

3. Distraction is the key word. What might be happening to the side while we're looking everywhere else?

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And its war on all democracy everywhere.

Forget Comey. The Real Story Is Russia's War on America

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More of the same on what I posted earlier...

Biographer On 'Lying' Donald Trump: He Tried To Intimidate Me With Tapes, Too

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The Trumps just talk too damn much, don't they?

Trump's Comey claims contradicted by president's own son

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