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Josh Hanson
Project Coordinator by day, economics enthusiast by night.
Project Coordinator by day, economics enthusiast by night.

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Save Google Reader.

Come on, Google.  Getting rid of Google Reader, the best application you have?  If anything, get rid of this ridiculous Google Plus that no one cares about.

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There's some great stuff from 40:00 to 58:00 on this episode. It begins with an excellent quotation from Charles Spurgeon on the importance of "feelings" in Christianity, and then gets into a discussion on a statement made by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention that doctrine isn't worth fighting over. Well worth the listen.
(h/t Chris Rosebrough)

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Most of the anti-immigrant rhetoric you hear these days is based on appallingly bad economic logic.  Don Boudreaux tries to get us to begin thinking more clearly.

Ok, Google, you frustrate me. Why do Gmail and Google Reader have to look identical?

My condolences to any Blackburn fans out there, but I'm glad their clueless Venky's owners got a nice reality check.

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St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Brookfield, IL (13 photos)
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The third movement of Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 (the Funeral March) is really a beautiful piece of music when you listen to it as it was written, not as hummed by adolescents when one of their peers is being called to the principal’s office.

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I'm amused. Even the non-liturgical churches have their own version of "liturgy". As Todd Wilken has put it, many churches have made music into their sacrament.
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