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Sharing good news
If ten people were asked the purpose of the church, there could
be ten different answers, yet many will agree that the Body of Christ is to
share the good news. My hubby like this quote: “At all times, preach the
Gospel, and if necessary use words.” Today’s...

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Amazing power of forgiveness ............. Parables 554
April 15, 1997 Kiyoko Tanimoto, a survivor of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, met one of the bomber pilots at a Christian meeting in the United States. All over again, bitter hatred filled his heart. Then, listening to the pilot, he realized the man’s...

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Fear of not making the grade . . .
Two of my friends have a firm knowledge of ‘salvation by
faith’ yet occasionally admit to a fear: “But what if I don’t do it right?”
They admit knowing that ‘doing it right’ is not the Gospel, yet this fear
creeps in and turns their joy into anxiety. Fear i...

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Relativism and absolutes
Last night I listened to an educated doctor say that
drinking coffee was good for people. I chuckled, because drinking coffee would
throw my heart into A-fib, and while that might not kill me, it certainly would
not be good for me. That said, the idea that ...

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Nurture as God nurtures ................ Parables 553
April 22, 1997 The Ontario deputy coroner says that at least six children were murdered in recent months while under the care of children’s aid agencies. The same source also says there is a higher rate of child homicide for children cared for by these orga...

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Feeding the right nature . . .
Chinese Christian Watchman Nee described the Christian
experience of flesh vs. spirit as like having two dogs fighting inside of him.
When asked which one was winning, he replied, “The one that I feed the most.” Christian people ought to avoid certain activ...

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No one can keep God’s Law . . .
A young woman said she did not want to be a Christian
because she was aware that Christians live according to the will of God and she
didn’t want to do that because “it would not be fun.” Her understanding,
however incomplete, did reveal one thing: she knew...

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Pass the dictionary! ................ Parables 552
April 18, 1997 Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, said if he could make the world right, he would do it by “insisting on the exact definition of words.” What a task that would be! Many words and their meanings come to us unconsciously while we are ...

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Last night, after making the decision to go ahead with
what God is telling me, I had a wrestling match with my willingness. Satan
distracted me with his fiery darts and between trying to put out the fire and
arguing with God, I didn’t sleep very well. Ironi...

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Do all things through Christ . . .
Months ago, the Lord gave me an idea, or at least I thought it
was from Him. As the weeks went by, I became less certain. What if it was
merely my idea, a way to bring attention to myself instead of a way to glorify
God? On the other hand, if God was in thi...
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