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I have no idea why writing is scary, but it is. It shouldn't be. It's just words and characters that behave a certain way. I love the advice, "invite the discomfort to come sit next to you as you work." VERY helpful. #JacksonvilleWriter #WritinginJacksonville #JulietJohnson #WriterJulietJohnson

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Awesome resource for those of us on the #contentmarketing beat! #JacksonvilleWriter

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here's a fun "niche related" observation from House of Cards -- 5 content marketing lessons from House of Cards

Have you seen #HouseofCards most recent season? I loved it, but watched it so fast, I might have to do it all over again!

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Now how do you suppose you change your gravatar link --  Very nice of them to give me Ms Myrtle Beach but life has kinda moved on from there!! LOL

#gravatar   #RankingRabbit  

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Need a massive cocktail table - buy 2 inexpensive dining tables, cut the legs down and shove together. For these and more clever designer tips for less, Check out -

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I have my own favorite home stagers in NYC (+Debbie Oulvey ) yet I have to admit there are some very clever ideas here. I love the taping flokati rugs together to get a bigger rug for not a crazy amount of money.

And then, buying 2 inexpensive dining tables and cutting the legs down to make a giant coffee table - that no-one has in stock, nor wants to store - priceless!!

#homestagingtips   #decoratingideas   #expensivelookforless  

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Extremely amusing!! Laugh out loud funny.  Hope non-parents know the book!

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Here are some wonderful stats on content marketing aka blogging  that +Mari Smith shared this morning.

That "Visual content generates 94% more views than text based posts" is ideal for realtors... split up the photos from each listing, add a new piece of intel using a site like (though Facebook and G+ both have image editors built-in to mobile apps now) qand share out on social platforms. 

When you read that Twitter campaigns can have repeated content 3 - 7 times a day, and Google+ 3 - 7 times a week, those professional photos that you have paid $65 - $250 for become 18 - 30 very nice, usuable content marketing assets!  Cool beans.   #stagers  too.

#contentmarketing   #realestatemarketing   #realestatemarketingtips  

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Here's my question, though -- how come this guy in Tucson got one of the now 13 exemptions, when lots of guys need to get an exemptions to maintain their business?

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So, for a photo styling of a vacant, investor-flip, you put a set of spices on a magnetized strip on the hood over the cooker. It's now fixed to the appliance. Bad staging idea?  When the buyers arrive, it's not there. Yet it looked part of the appliance - in the photo.  (A better one than this, admittedly.)  What do my staging colleagues think?

#staging   #photostyling   #stagingforthephotos  
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