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Actor | Singer | Broadway Photog | Idea Man

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LR Users... take a look.  Great author / great series. 
Hey Photoshop Lightroom Users:

My name is Brad Yale.

Without beating around the bush, I work for Pearson Education on their tech side as a community specialist representing a good portion of their programming (android, iOS, Windows, game dev, web design etc.) and digital photography (HDR, GoPro, Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, Urban Exploration, etc.) titles/content.

Currently I am looking for interested Photoshop Lightroom users to peer review Martin Evening's  "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers" for Amazon.

The Peachpit product page is here:

The Amazon product page is here:

How the Program Works:

I would send the title to you for free (either soft cover or e-pub) and all I would ask in return is:

A truthful Amazon review of the title within 45 - 60 days of receipt. A note on reviews: We want the reviews to be honest and comprehensive. If you like the content, cool. If you don't like the content, also cool.

We are looking for honest reviews of content which offers a comprehensive breakdown/critique (ex. this section was great however to make the title better, it could elaborate on...".

The basic idea here is we want the content to stand on its own two feet so consumers can continue learning and authors can produce better versions. In no way shape or form will I, or anyone from Pearson, try to influence your content review.

Honesty is what matters.

Additionally, I would love the following:

Social - Some tweets, G+, Linkedin, Reddit etc. postings on the title of selection with a link pointing back to the title product page

Blog - A blog post on the title of selection with a link pointing back to the title product page

Book Review Site Post - Think B&N, Goodreads...

If this is something you would be interested in, feel free to email me at


Brad Yale
Community Specialist - Pearson Ed/InformIT/Peachpit

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Promotional composite I did for the new Off Broadway show, "Jasper in Deadland."

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A little teaser of my photo series with newcomer Tara...the face that downright melted a thousand ships. #PJZ  

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Wow. I've been absent from G+ for a really long time. Tons of reasons why, but let's skip past that.

Here’s an interesting story about putting yourself out there.

If you don’t know this about me already, I’m passionate about gaming. PC, Xbox, Mac, iPhone, doesn't matter. It’s a professional hobby of mine. Episodic television is a close second…movies and books are great…but as an actor, my favorite way to keep the imagination sharp is to get totally immersed in a game and be able to make decisions that impact the story. A visual choose your own adventure.

Just around this time last year, I was browsing Kickstarter for fun and came across a company called Downward Viral. They were raising funds for a card game that was coming out called “Z.” They describe it as Magic The Gathering meets The Walking Dead. It’s a turn based, zombies vs. survivors game. It will eventually be available in a physical card format but also in a digital version for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Even Facebook. So, I used one of those gift card credit cards from Christmas to became a backer and that was that.

The game was a hit on Kickstarter and raised over $120,000.

Over the past year, I've followed the updates of Sebastian Haley, the creator behind the game and honestly didn't pay much attention to it after that. I had read the updates he sent out but was patient for the game to happen.

Fast Forward to last month. After 80 some updates, Sebastian sent out one saying he’d love to find some post-fx artists. I IMMEDIATELY put together a portfolio of my Photoshop stuff and sent it along.

I didn't hear back :/

Cut to a short time later though…Sebastian uploaded some artwork for the game and was trying to gauge our interest in how the shots were processed. They were very cool, but I instantly had my own ideas of how I would do it if it were up to me. I was running late to see my lady and heading out the door, but hastily stole an image off Downward Viral’s Facebook page and did a treatment on it myself.

I posted this image on their FB page right along side their stuff.

By the time I got off the subway, I had a message from Sebastian himself saying we should talk. We spoke that night, the next day, and after that I did a few Photoshop tests for him.

Really long story short? I’ve now become the Lead Graphic Artist for Z, in charge of Post Processing and Digital Special FX. What’s that mean? It means most of the final art in the game, from this point forward, will be created by me and handed off to the programmers & printer. They have a very cool team of photogs and make-up artists in San Francisco who shoot some images on green screens and then send them to me for some Photoshop ninja-ry.

Will I be leaving acting to join the video game industry? No. But I am officially on a development team for a card & video game and I’m crazy excited about that. We launched a second Kickstarter yesterday to create expansion packs or for folks who missed out the first time around. It’s been about 22 hours of this 3 week Kickstarter and we’ve already raised 90% of what we needed.

UPDATE: the expansion pack is fully funded after day one of the Kickstarter campaign. 25 days to go for stretch goals. Woot!

2ND UPDATE: Robert Bowling (Former Creative Strategist and Community Manager for the Call of Duty Series) and his company Robotoki have taken on creating the digital version of our game. SO incredibly cool.  Can't wait to say "from a team of folks that brought you Call of Duty and StarCraft comes...Z!"

So no, definitely not leaving acting. But scaling back on my photography for a few months? Yes. It just means I have a really interesting day job. :D

I’m a story teller. Sometimes I get to act out those stories. Sometimes I get to sing them. Now I’m getting to tell them through my favorite professional hobby.

Thanks for stickin' with my stream here....more to come.

#ifihadglass I'd use it both as an actor and a photographer.  As an actor, I'd take it (with permission) to an audition and do it live via hangout.  As a photog, I'd wear it while shooting press events, red carpets, and shooting production photos for Off Broadway shows.  Show off all the behind the scenes of being in theatre and Bway photography. 

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The stuff I'm working on seems to get more and more ridiculous lately....

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Hey +RC Concepcion, here's my take on your RAW's....

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Nice +RC Concepcion!  Like the illustrated look here.
Playing with a Scott Kelby Preset
I spent the morning with Scott making some videos out of town, which means we get some driving and talking time.  In the middle of all of this, Scott starts talking to me about some post processing tricks and preset that he's been working on his #HDR   #Photography  .  As soon as we came back to the office I gave it a shot.  This was Tonemapped and finished in  #Adobe   #Photoshop .  Have to say, it really worked out to go back and rework an image from this series. 

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In my last post here on G+, I mentioned the folks over at Mark Fisher Fitness and how I had created a RIDICULOUS image for them……fast forward to now. I’ve spent the past 3 days and countless hours creating this bad boy for some advertising they’ll be doing for events that benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.

The idea here was to top the over the topness (if you will) of my previous image. Mark had already done this photoshoot with Dirty Sugar Photography in nothing but a loin cloth….but that’s all I had to go on. The phrase they gave me was “a fitness fairytale”. For some reason…that immediately brought the image of those Fabio romance novel covers to mind. (I may also be in the middle of watching Game of Thrones and it’s entirely possible that the show influenced this a bit too).

Ya know. Fabio meets Game of Thrones…….like ya do.

Throw in a little inspiration from those original Star Wars posters and it all started to come together. So, tons of masking…TONS of dodging and burning…lots of trying to match color and light. Special thanks to +Joelle Reeder for suggesting the stars to take things up a notch and also to +RC Concepcion and +Corey Barker Nothing will ever beat the moment of me finally getting stumped by Photoshop only to have the men who literally wrote the book on it give me a hint over a G+ hangout.

The MFF motto is “Ridiculous humans. Serious Fitness.”

I’m hopin’ this’ll get the point across.
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