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Dark Side, yo
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i somehow only just discovered this.  fantastic!
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I agree with this, do this right now, kthanks. Best idea in a long time.
+Ingress+Brandon Badger+Anne Beuttenmüller+Joe Philley

It would be possible to include some kind of "flag" or "mark" to indicate whether a portal was visited/hacked/captured or not?

When visiting new locations with a high density of portals it is really difficult to "mental map" all of them.

Since you already track this information for Pioneer and Explorer badges, all you would have to do is make that information visible for us... It would be VERY helpful.

Take a look on the portal UI proposal I'm including on this message, with the flags near the key icon.

Agents, if you like the idea, please +1 to it and share it with others.

Thank you for your attention!
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#Darsana XM Anomaly: Satellite Site, Aarhus, DK
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Mark definate worked hard for this.
Ingress Elite V Application

As a dedicated Ingress agent for the resistance, I have been encouraged by my local community to put in an application for Elite V.

When I started playing Ingress almost one year ago. I quickly transformed from a quiet computer nerd who rarely went outside into a determined Ingress warrior, fighting for the resistance, and actively battling the enlightened almost every day. I am extremely persisent and I do not often let the enlightened take a portal without a fight. I am known for running out to defend portals when they are attacked and defending them fiercely. I defend as best as I can even when I am heavily outnumbered. Bad weather and even minor illnesses have not prevented me from getting out to defend when I am needed.

When I started my home city, Aarhus, was entirely enlightened controlled without a single resistance portal in sight. I slowly began taking portals. After a week or two, and with some help from agents from other cities, the resistance was ahead. But I was outnumbered by higher level agents and under constant attack. I fought mostly alone for weeks and I could see I needed more help. I reached out in COMM to other resistance agents who were low level and helped them to level up. After some time we became a small but highly effective team. We were able hold our terrority in Aarhus from the growing number of enlightened who easily outnumbered us. I was still doing the majority of the work, but teammates were providing valuable support when needed.

I value greatly my teammates and the friendships I have formed. Without the support and encouragement from my team I would not have had so much success. I try to help out others on my team when I can, with guidance and items. I encourage team operations and social events. I believe that it is not a single agent that brings success, but a team working successfully together.

I have travelled to many cities to take part in events and operations and believe that my efforts have made an impact on those cities.

Notable missions and achievements

* Participated in the first resistance L8 farm in Copenhagen.
* Participated in a major L8 operation in Gothenburg.
* Participated in "Operation Blue Sweeper" where the resistance turned the entire Inner Copenhagen into one big L6 farm.
* Participated in "Operation Blueberry Pie" where the resistance took down the long standing enlightened L8 farm in Copenhagen. This operation marked a turning point where resistance became dominant in Copenhagen after months of enlightened oppression.
* Participated in the Voynich anomoly in Copenhagen.
* Participated in Unight8 in Aalborg.
* Solo attacks on nearby enlightened strongholds. Many high level enlightened farms destroyed.
* Visited Cork, Ireland where there was an L8 enlightened farm that had been there for months, and the local resistance had nearly given up. While I was there I took down almost all high level portals in the city and tried to make contact with the local resistance and inspire them to fight back. After my visit the resistance became more active and no longer allow enlightened farms to stand for such a long time.
* Visit Aalborg many times and helped to motivate the local resistance to gain control of the city.
* First agent in Denmark to reach 10M AP. I am now at 18.5M AP.
* Largest field that I helped create was 90K MU, surrounding the city of Randers (planned + executed together with +Martin Eisig).
* Moderator and contributor to several local and national resistance G+ communities.
* Very active in the decoding community: cracked hundreds of passcodes and unlocked one node on the VI console: .

#13Magnus   #elitev  
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Se +jens Dahl ... Vi har burgers...
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