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Infer something pithy and clever here.
Infer something pithy and clever here.


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I finally got on the stick and posted on Renfusa, which is a blog "about the weird, wondrous and forgotten." Here's my first in what will hopefully become a periodic feature on caper films.
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Also? Google's whole '+1' thing just reminds me of D&D. It makes me want to post "Sword" and see how powerful its enchantment gets.
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I don't know, I don't think I'm really getting Google+ so far. If the Stream and Sparks were totally integrated with my Google Reader and News Alerts, maybe I'd care about it more. As it stands right now, G+ feels like a fifth wheel as a content aggregator.

Or maybe if I were able to share things on the Stream as easily as I do in Reader or Facebook (with widget bookmarks saved in my browser toolbar since I use tabs; because correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like in order to share on G+, you have to log in first and keep the Google toolbar at the top of your browser window and then go out onto the web... that's really not compatible with the way I surf, which means I will most likely not be posting things to G+.)

But then the flip side is I wouldn't want to do away with Reader and be reliant only on the Stream, because holy information overload! I actually prefer having all the categories collated in Reader so I can read a topic individually, rather than having a chaotic catch-as-catch can in the Stream (or on Facebook, where the signal to noise ratio on my stream over there has become almost unbearable for me...)

I do really like Circles though. And the fact there is a default 'Acquaintances' circle made this reserved Yankee very happy. ;)
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