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HRS Process Systems Limited
Your Heat Exchanger Partner
Your Heat Exchanger Partner


Hygienic Piston Pumps

The HRS Piston Pump is of a completely hygienic design, and incorporates a separator fitted between the pump and the hydraulic chamber to ensure that there is no contact between the product and hydraulic oil. The hygienic design combined with a perfect response to CIP cleaning makes this pump so suited to food processing applications where product integrity and shape must be guaranteed, to maintain both appearance and nutritional quality.
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Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in India

Ecoflux* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers (CTHE) use corrugated tubes instead of smooth tubes. The corrugations induce turbulence in the media and ensure high Reynolds number even at low velocity. The development of corrugated tube is perhaps the most exciting advancement in heat transfer technology.

Corrugated tube is produced by indenting a plain tube with a spiral pattern. No tube wall thinning takes place & no strength is lost.


A smooth indented inner profile ensures easy cleaning
Turbulence is created at low fluid velocities to enhance the heat transfer in the tube
Fouling on the tube surface is minimised
A wide range of diameters & styles are available

Corrugated tube is produced by indenting a plain tube with a spiral pattern. This imparts different flow regimes - spiral in the core and eddy's at the periphery.

The helical flow contributes to the situation that the fluid particles are alternatively in the vicinity of the tube wall and then in the main flow. Between the helical impressions, around the circumference of the tube, secondary flow, typically in the form of eddies occur.

The flow regime ensures that the rate of decrease in boundary layer resistance exceeds the rate of increase in pressure loss. In other words high heat transfer coefficients with minimum increase in pressure drop.

Hydrodynamic Thermal Boundary Layer

Increase in heat transfer coefficient brings the temperature of the tube wall closer to the temperature of the bulk fluid on the tube.
The roughness elements need to have a minimum height so as to influence the flow ( Fig. A ) and thus the heat transfer ( Fig. B ). To ensure that the heat transfer is improved by roughness elements, the flow must be influenced within the heat conduction layer.

Corrugated tube shell and tube heat exchangers have many benefits and advantages over comparable smooth tube versions:
Compact tubular heat exchanger
Long running times due to turbulent flow
Very low maintenance costs, minimum spares requirement
Higher heat transfer coefficient (2-3 times) results in reduction in heat exchanger area upto 50%
Fouling is minimised due to turbulence created by eddies at the periphery or tube wall
High response to CIP
Wide choice of MOC
Uniform thermal processing
More flexibility in annular space sizing
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Plate Heat Exchangers

The range of products comprises plate heat exchangers - bolted and brazed as well as oil / air cooling units and other type of heat exchangers. Heat transfer plates in Funke Germany are manufactured with latest quality standards having a fully automatic press of capacity 15,000 Tons.

FUNKE focuses on customer orientation, highest quality standards, flexibility and advisory skills, important benefits a company of just the right size is able to offer.

Thus, as one of the few producers worldwide, FUNKE offers a wide range of plate heat exchanger (PHE) solutions with optimum thermodynamic designs for different industries and virtually all applications.
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Pulp Processing Solutions by HRS

Most of the processors, till now, have carried out the preheating or pasteurisation of fruit pulp unhygienically using steam jacketed open kettle. Result was unhygienic process with disadvantages like non-uniform heating, charring, falling of foreign material in product, loss in flavor and aroma etc. HRS ECOFLUX* Tubular Heat Exchanger based continuous pasteuriser heats the product up to 95°C and holds it for few seconds for total inactivation of microbes, followed by filling in cans to enhance the product shelf life. The automatic control panel provided with the pasteuriser allows minimum intervention of operator thereby reducing human errors.

HRS PSL also offers systems for chilling pulp using tower water and chilled glycol for frozen pulp filling and storage.
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Reduction of maintenance cost through well designed Heat Exchangers (Business Standard - B2B Connect -Dec 2013)
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Automation in Processing Machinery for quality products - V Gokuldas (AgriBusiness & Food Industry - Oct 2013)
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Innovations in Dairy Technology by HRS PSL (TIMES OF India - May 24,2014)
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HRS ParaDice - A revolutionary processing system for dices & Ready-to-Eat foods (Udyog Prerana - March 2014)
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